Why Your Email List is the Most Important Asset in Your Online Business

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Your email list will be your rescue when “shit hits the fan.”

How many times have you got the advice to build your email list properly? If you seriously are building your online business, your “email list” is mentioned daily. You find it logical and make some efforts to create your list.

However, the “big fishes” you’ll find on Facebook, Instagram and all other well-known social media platform would be your argument.

Then it happens!

The 13th of March 2019….Instagram down, Facebook down, even Gmail and Google Drive down for a while.

Panic! The world disappears!

There are two types of social media users, private users, and business users. I don’t know among which group the “panic” was more significant. Whatever group you belong to, it could be of interest to recap the content in my article just five days ago. Maybe the desperation when it all went down, is a sign that you urgently need a social media detox.

When it comes to entrepreneurs running their online business, all social media are vital to developing the business. Some focus more on Facebook, others on Instagram, Youtube or some other platform. It depends very much on your niche and the audience you’re targeting with your business.

If you want success as an online entrepreneur, you need to be on all the platforms, or at least most of them. You focus on one platform and use the other ones as complementary.

Your Email List Should Always be Your Top Priority


Think about for a second, and the incident on the 13th of March will probably force you to take it seriously. What if…

Imagine that all social media platforms disappear, and your business relies 100% on them. Your business will go down the drain and disappear in a couple of hours. It’s like a mega earthquake will erase everything on this planet.

Your only way of letting your business survive if the worst would happen is to rely on your email list. No one can take your email list away from you. It’s yours forever!

As a marketer, you should make an extra effort to figure out which autoresponder is best for you and your email list. I have tried a few different, and without any doubt, Aweber is my favorite.

It’s very user-friendly and let you broadcast to your email list the way you want.

To continually deliver content and value to the people on your list, you need to connect to a platform and a system that allows you to create your business in the direction of your desire, without any restrictions whatsoever. The SFM platform and system gives you all…and even more.

The next time something happens to any social media platform out of your control, take care of the people on your list. Treat your business asset with care and do never forget that your email list is the lifeblood of your business.


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