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I know how it feels to make such important decision because I have done it. I know how it feels, I know the flood of thoughts and voices which you must filter daily. I have been there, it wasn’t an easy decision for me at the time.

  Naturally, I don’t make decisions based on impulse, I usually take my time to analyze, think through before I commit to anything I do, and once I commit, good or bad, I find it hard to back out. If you are still texting the pool with your toe, that’s the wise step to take provided you're focused.

  I would encourage you to take your time, to review the information you have. Maybe if your experience is like mine, your email box must be flooded daily with offers and ads from different online marketers. 

 However, at a certain point, for sure, you will need to decide to make that final decision. Just like a woman deciding to take the bold step to say the long-awaited “Yes” to her suitor. With the hope that you will someday reach this point, I want to help in my little way to provide you some of the guiding steps to consider, which others have used also. 

 First, decide to decide, in other words, decide that you will commit to open an Online business. While deciding on this, if you’re already working, please do not quit your job immediately, no matter how enticing the online business seems. Put one foot at a time.

Secondly, choose from the list of the best-reviewed business offers, and know the one that matches your personality, your interest the most. What you need to consider here are your passion, what you like or enjoy doing, your specific skills, e.g leadership skills, computer skills. Also, consider your professional experiences and your future desires. 

Thirdly, set some goals, like what you want from the online business, your dream for the business, are you looking for financial freedom or time freedom, write your vision, and the plans on how to work towards achieving such goals.

Fourthly, decide to share your dream or vision of an Online business, the kind of business, and why you want to do it with your confidants whoever the person or persons are, and watch for their response, and your own reaction. I did the same thing.

  I can’t guess what response you will get at this stage, but your ability to come through is a factor that you have decided and knows what you want out of your life, no matter the contrary opinions.

But, while you think that you need an upfront recommendation based on experience and research of some good online businesses out there, I will not hesitate to recommend to you or any relation, the business I am currently in, that is the SFM.

  The SFM is a company that you can join with peace of mind that they will deliver on their promise. This is a company, where you will be able to develop your full potential and make use of your passion to make a difference. The ball is in your court. No matter whatever anyone tells you



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