Chicken dust bath

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Chicken Dust Bath

Chickens love to have a dust bath and it is vital to provide one for them if they don't have the opportunity to get out of their run and enjoy a bit of free ranging.

Dust bathing enables them to cover their feathers right down to the base of the feathers, killing any potential pests through asphixiation.  Watching chickens have a dust bath is hugely entertaining and you are seeing them at their ultimate level of contentedness.


When they've finished their bath, they have a good shake, and billows of dust fill the air.  They then move on to foraging; scratching up the ground seeking out tasty insects and other interesting treats.

Dust bathing is the top pampering treat for any hen and it keeps your hens happy and healthy.

Just like hens, we all need to have times when we 'step back' from the busyness of life and take time to pamper ourselves.  This will look different for everyone - it could be spending time at your local hot tub, or getting out and shooting a game of golf. 

For many of us, just finding that time can be a challenge, whether it's being stuck at home with young children, or having to leave for work at 6am and not getting back until gone 8pm.

I have recently embarked on my own journey toward freedom:  This freedom looks like being able to chose what I actually want to do with my time - spending more time with my family, travelling and taking holidays at times that suit me, basically being the boss of my time. 

To find out more of my journey towards freedom, check out the link at the bottom of this blog.

And finally, one more video to enjoy:

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