Cultural Mindset Shift Required !

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What is a cultural mindset shift and why it is more important than ever before ? In the following i want to question our beliefs about the job market also take a look at the different options we all have .

1-Pointless jobs 

Have you ever had the nagging feeling that our job - or the job of a friend or colleague- is actually pointless ? Why, you may have wondered , do most of us still spend the majority of our time toiling away in offices ? 

Considering how much economic and technological progress we have made in the last century , it is odd that we waste our days writing reports that never get read and attending performance -review meetings that just lead to more performance-review meetings . This is precious time - time that could be spent on any number of other enjoyable pursuits ,be it brewing beer or discussing books .

" Huge swathes of people ... spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed " David Graeber 

undefinedCultural mindset shift required 

2-Adopt a Digital Mindset 

Being able to get a digital mindset is a increasingly valuable skill in today's day and age, still most of us don't know how to take advantages of this new industrial revolution . But the last cople of years have seen the apparition of countless opportunities in the online world :e commerce, affilliate marketing, online coaching and training ... 

However making the right choice is not always easy in the online world , nowadays we are bombarded daily by ads ,information as never been so easy to access but which one is trustworthy? 

In my case , i even become blind to advertising most of the time but i learnt from personal experience this :  right information to the right time can have a big impact on my life !             

I came across recently a powerfull education platform which had a really positive and inspiring impact on my life SFM

3- Mastery

Become a master of your chosen pursuit . In a world offering us quick fixes and easy, step by step grograms to achieve goals in no time with little effort , it can be easy to forget that to become not just good , but truly great at something takes time .This is where the concept of mastery becomes especially relevant .

True mastery isn't just about reaching goals ;it's just as much about internalizing a philosophy that will keep you learning even after you have reached your goals . In short , true mastery is a lifelong journey . Marketing in the modern Western world tries hard to make us abandon mastery in favor of quick fixes.

"Mastery is not a state to achieve , but a journey to live by " George Leonard 

4- Self-awareness

Self-awareness is a uniquely human quality , but it's something few of us truly have . And that's a shame because it's an extremely useful tool in our personal and professional lives. Being familiar with our own feelings and being aware of how others see us is crucial to successfully navigating social situations , both at home and at work .

I personally believe that self-awareness is ESSENTIAL in order to successfully have this cultural mindset shift 

"When people are steeped in self-delusion , they are usually the last to find out "  Tasha Eurich 

The key message here is the following : don't get stuck in a unfulfilling career path instead focus on adapting your mindset to this digital new world, once you are aware of what you really want in life become a master of your chosen pursuit . 


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Gab Doy 


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