Starting my own online business during lockdown saved my life from anorexia

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                                                                         ~STEVE JOBS

When I got that the world and the way we do business has been changing for the past ten years, it was really comforting to have gained this understanding, whilst I was in my fourth relapse with anorexia, battling  inner stress and anxiety. Stumbling upon an online business education, sent my world in to the stratosphere of awakening. Within a year, I strayed from a path of self sabotage and destruction to absolute determination that brought about MASSIVE ACTION and a sharpe veer in the “RIGHT DIRECTION”.

I want to share with you the steps I had taken that miraculously changed the course of my life. Bare in mind that anorexia, bulimia and alcohol addiction had been a constant in my life from the age of fifteen, up until last year, that’s over twenty five years. Within that time i’d been hospitalized with anorexia three times over the years and was in a  fourth major relaspe, before the time things began to change.


There are many reasons why someone develops an addiction and mine was down to labels I had adopted about myself, throughout my younger years. That inner voice inside you that tells you all kids of things, such as…. “you are ugly, fat, stupid and so on. This belief creates holes within you and self confidence becomes extinct! So any chance of overcoming anorexia after so long wasn’t looking promising. The way I thought about and saw myself was so ingrained that I had a distorted perception of myself right down to the core!   

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To be honest, I was more than ready within myself to escape the chains of delusion but had no idea, how that would be possible. The nature of anorexia means that your reality is totally distorted and no matter how much I wanted to be “normal”, my mind was too resistant. Doing it alone was not going to be enough!

 When I discovered this exclusive, entrepreneurial community, it lit a fire inside of me that was extremely powerful. It wasn’t a quick fix and I was not cured instantly but I began learning about mindset, meditation and that anything is possible, for anyone and that the only way I would escape the trappings of my mind was by learning a new way of thinking.

Starting my own business was something I had aspired to do but thought were not possible ( for someone who had no business experience, tech skills or massive funds to invest)  but I learnt very quickly that in order to gain those things I desired in life, such as being healthy in body and mind, a proper role model for my two children ,financial independence, freedom to travel the world and raise german shepherd pups , amongst other things ( partying in my private villa in Ibiza ha ha) then I had to heal the HOLE inside first, to become a WHOLE person. 

This was all introduced to me online and I am forever grateful for discovering this at just the right time. At forty two, my body was not coping with the many years of abuse. I also knew that life is a precious gift so feeling frustrated and lost, the only place I knew to escape, was anorexia. Now I know that there are ways of healing and the excitement I get every day when I turn on my laptop is a first for me. To know that there are options to finding inner peace and with that journey, comes all of those beautiful things the planet has to offer. I don’t need to wait for fortunes in the millions because I can now see the beauty, when I look up at the sky every morning because that black hole which kept me in a cocoon has cracked and I can see what Is around me. We get so insular when the weight of the world is on our shoulders and we miss the simple things!




I began with a guided ten minute, mindfulness body scan and progressed to a longer session. The body scan was useful for keeping my mind more present but I needed further work to get calm and address those negative beliefs that were so well ingrained. I personally use works by the Indian yogi, Sadhguru. Really great for appreciating the life around us. 



It is a miss-conception that yoga is only bending and stretching the body, Yoga is so much more than that. It involves a relaxation and mindfulness to balance the body and the mind. Try the beginner classes on youtube for free. I use psyche truth as they have a full range for specific needs.

Online business saved me from anorexia during lockdown


Qi Gong, pronounced chi Gong, is an ancient Asian form of yoga. The literal term for qi gong is "energy work". This practice is to channel focus and will power. I am fairly new to this practice but the slow movements, combined with breath work and the sounds of nature are really refreshing. I am continuing this, so will keep you posted with the long term effects. 


Above are some of the practices that I was introduced to and were all key parts in my recovery. The encouragement and support from the community helped challenge those "OLD beliefs",I had thought about myself for so long. The education , support and mindset work, combined in to one platform was powerful enough to crack the armour. My confidence has grown also because i am surrounded by others, taking themselves on and building a business on their own terms, all taught by successful entrepreneurs. Not only that, I am now building a business online that will provide support, resources and information for others who are struggling with self esteem issues. I am not there yet but am just grateful to be on the "right path".... finally! 

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