living an expat life

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Living the expat life

Its all about LIFESTYLE

Have you ever dreamed of packing your bags and living a nomad life , on an exotic island


or in a old European town .

well I have done it. Not just one time but many ,  & have become some what of an expert at figuring out how to fit into a completely new lifestyle.

 I love the whole process.  The excitement for me is like a child on Christmas eve.

New friends, new home, new adventures.undefined

Its not every ones dream, you do need a bit of a gypsy sole & wanderlust attitude.


I have never been an Contiki tour type girl, I would much rather take the off road track, and meet the locals, live life like the locals do, eat the local foodundefined

, drive the local way undefined

and generally fit into the whole new way of life.

move number 1

My first big move was when I was still a child(7yo) and my whole family moved from England to

New Zealand undefined

 as we had travelled every year of my life & I was full of wanderlust,so for me this was just a new adventure

We lived in New Zealand for about10 years and travelled from the bottom to the top over that 10 year period. Wanting to see every bit we could.

Dunedin was our home town, but i have also live in Alexandra & Wanaka both in Central Otago.  

I tell you if you have never been to New Zealand add it to your bucket list as it is an amazing place , with so much to see and do, there especially if you are into out door adventures, I’m a avid bush walker, mountain biker, skier, kayaking, New Zealand never let me down, plus Kiwis are very much into the clean green life which of course so am I


Move number 2 

My parents moved from New Zealand to Australia about 8 months before me but I was on there tail wanting to discover new places and adventure


so we settled in Queensland Australia & learned the ozy way fast, put another prawn on the barbie as they say here (I’m living in Queensland part time again now)

We didn’t have to make any huge changes moving from New Zealand to Australia .

Just had to learn to call every one mate, & eat vegemite.

I have lived in Australia over 10 years all up.  In Queensland , Victoria, and western Australia

Also travelled around seeing many parts of this amazing huge country   


 Move number 3

But my next move was far bigger and braver.

A life changing decision was made

 As I moved to Bali Indonesia,undefinedundefined

I had been traveling to Bali about 3 times a year on business, as I was an importer of  Indonesian goods that I sold in my own shop, I also had my own clothing designs made, and silver jewellery designs made. So I knew many people there and had picked up a bit of the local lingo to get my orders completed

But after a divorce. I decided a complete new life was needed so 30kg case in hand and 2 trips over before the big move, finding houses to live in etc and organising local visas,

 which as a expat you need to live in Indonesia

how to live as an expat

being in a very new  country I had a lot to learn not just language, but also culture, and traditions, and how to drive (which by the way is totally crazy, but you do get used to it quite fast, and as for licence its just a matter of paying for one. no test needed)

I also had to learn to drive a little scooter and I had never driven a scooter only my trusty mountain  bike, not quite the same as the roads are so busy in Bali, and as I had never driven a scooter I decided the best thing to do was to rent a car  and get used to the roads , while only driving the scooter to the local shops and around the aria till I felt safe.

Of course I had to up my Indonesian language now also.

some people go to school to do this but I wanted to talk like a local not like a tourist so I wanted to talk the local slang so to speak

 I learned by just listening to people. when I heard a word a few times I would find out what it meant and increased my vocabulary by 3 to 5 words a week

 Now the next thing I had to do was learn to cook local food,& I got so good at that I was selling it to the locals (hehehe)

But that’s a whole new story

Also moving to such a distant place you need to find some other expats to show yo the ropes

But don’t spend all your time with just expats also make sure you friend the localsundefined

I find that the people that move overseas and only hang out with the expat community never really settle or fit inn.

 So now you can drive, speak & cook the local way you need money

Well there are a few ways of doing this

In Indonesia you need a kitas if you want a job type job.

 a Kitas is not  cheep and you probably wont be impressed with the pay rate in Indonesia.


You can set up a business as in buy yourself a job. many do this but I always find it funny how they jump into something they have never done before, so again no guarantees there and you could be spending a lot of dollars to create a job

So by far the best option is to have a online job of some kind!

that you set up before the big move so its already making you a income


 Now I still live part time in Indonesia, my home is now in Java not Bali.

 but I still spend time in Bali catching up with my friends


 So to do this .

I work online so that I can enjoy my time  here in Australia with my family.undefined

And my time in Indonesia with my familyundefined

I only need to spend two to three hrs a day of quality time. checking adverts and emails and of course adding to my blog.

And then my day is ready, to be enjoyed doing my life’s pleasures,(mine being ... art & craft. plogging. recycling. & traveling)

 Plus only having to work 2 or 3 hours a day instead of all day is so much HEALTHER

And the best part is I can do  it from anywhere in the world 


 The benefits of an expat life

Well to me there obvious. you get to live in the country of your dreams

Living your dream lifestyle.

And if you are living a dream lifestyle you are

Healthier, wealthier, and a lot happier

If you combine living in your dream place, with a laptop lifestyle / income

This means jumping onto a flight to see the family & friends is never a problem

Living the expat life Its all about LIFESTYLE

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Good luck on your journey!



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