My family & On line Entrepreneurship

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I came accross SFM by default a month ago, as I have been watching self improvement videos on You Tube and although 99% of the time, I'd skip the ads, this 1% I decided to watch it and one month later, I'm an Elite+ Member. All exciting stuff.

What attracted me to on line marketing initially, and I tell no lie was the money, and the promise of lots of it. Too good to be true I thought but I continued to follow the initial free 7 vidios and the deeper I got in, the more aware & attracted to it I became. This was a career changing oportunity more than a get rich quick scheme.

I am an addiction Counsellor by profession and have been working in this field for 13 years now. I would be very familiar with the 12 Step model of recovery, and what attracted me to continue on this Online journey was the community of people I encountered and the selfless help they offered to me, and still do. I was sold.

In the meantime, and what I was getting to, I threw myself into my laptop, spending most of my spare time working & building my new business. This was great and with help I was and still am learning but I became so engrossed that I didnt even realise or notice that my family, who are my passion in life, became side tracked and ignored. I was totaly blinded to this and kept saying to myself when I did get a pang of guilt, that this is for them.

It all came to a head when my wife suggested that I get out and do a bit of excercise, goto the gym, a walk or run. I said I was too busy for that and then, need I say more. I soon found out how she realy felt about being ignored for the past month. My eyes opened wide and I realised that I have been totally absorbed. I even stopped to notice I had developed dry eye from staring at a laptop for so long.

It is all out in the open now and the air has cleared but it has made me re align myself and prioritise everything. SFM is a great programme and I'd realy encourage anyone to look into it with an open mind, but please before you dive in head first like me, get balance & please open your mind and take everyones advice.

You will not regret at just how much it makes you look at yourself, good & bad.

I don't, just click it!

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