I'm in a fuddle muddle

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I'm in a fuddle muddle

I'm in a fuddle muddle

Hi its Dermot again, and you might be wondering what this title is all about and does it even make sense. I will try to make sense if I can even make sense of it for myself.

I am the least focused person alive, as I might start out on something and before I know it I am distracted and end up trying to multitask with disastrous results. This is in the "Offline" world and with chores at home and even jobs to do at work. I tend to start one thing and then I get distracted in the middle of that and start another thing, forgetting what I started doing in the first place!!!.I'm in a fuddle muddle.

I'm in a fuddle muddle

A prime example of how my distracted mind works:

The other morning, I went downstairs to make a pot of tea, I put on the kettle, then heard the dog in the utility room, so let him out, then decided, whilst I'm letting the dog out I might as well feed him, so I opened the shed to get out the dog food and near the shed I noticed dog poo, so I then got the dustpan and brush to pick that up, whilst I was doing that I noticed that it was a nice dry morning & I suddenly remembered that there were clothes in the washing machine from the night before that had to be put on the line, so started doing that.......

By this stage, I had 3 heads in the house wondering what happened to their tea. That is how my head works.........

I'm in a fuddle muddle

A spiders' W.W.Web

Then along came the internet, with search engines, social media, adverts, articles and choices galore. I was totally screwed now. How can anyone be focused when you have a few billion results for one keyword?

To even attempt to tackle this minefield of IT, I had to go back to basics, as there was no point in trying to stay focused online when I couldn't stay focused in general.

I can go back to bed or I can.......

Put my head back on straight

I had to go back to mindset, but how? Well, I am fortunate enough to be into Transcendental Meditation and also Mindfulness Meditation. Although both are different, they have similarities and that is being in the present. So I now commit to do at least 20 minutes of meditation in the morning and again in the evening.

I'm in a fuddle muddle

5-4-3-2-1-Move Your Arse

Has it fixed my screwed up head? Not completely but I have found that when I do "train" myself to be present, I am able to be more focused, or at least aware when I find myself trying to multi-task. Now, this is not a one-off, I have to be consistent and practice this every day, so to do this, I have to do the unthinkable and get up earlier. I have started to this and yes initially it was very hard, especially as it is now winter and dark and cold, but I came across a great audiobook that helps me here too "The 5 Second Rule".

I'm in a fuddle muddle

Accountability partner

I have my wife as my accountability partner, not by choice as she corrects me anyway, Lol. Initially, my inner metaphor was "I hate it when my wife is always correcting me" (EGO), I have now changed that with the help of another self-help guru, Tony Robbins, "Awaken The Giant Within" to "I am fortunate to have a wife who keeps me right" (NO EGO), and she does. It is a challenge for me to swallow my pride and ego, but folks that's what self-awareness and inner growth are all about.

I'm in a fuddle muddle

Law Of Attraction + Action

Now, I assume, you have heard of the Law Of Attraction or even "The Secret". Simply put, what you ask for you get!!! Now it can be both positive and negative. Most of us wish for things and say "I wish I had leads or blog followers", my next thought is "But that will never happen". The Universe was just about to process my wish, but I canceled it out with my next thought. Many of us then think this doesn't work, but guess what it is always working all the time, it never stops. The thing is as we doubt ourselves and don't see instant results, so we give up far too soon.

On the other hand, when you ask the Universe for something and keep that asking persistent and consistent and even do something to achieve your goal, that is taking action and that too is necessary for growth. If you want to be a blogger, there is no point in asking the Universe to make you a good blogger and just sit back and wait, you have to actually start blogging. No seriously, you do!!...

I'm in a fuddle muddle

Don't take yourself so God damned seriously 

We all have character defects, it is just who we are. Remember You are a Human Being, not a Human Doing. So please don't be too quick to judge yourself too harshly when you don't get it right or make mistakes. You are no worse or no better than anyone else on this Rock of ours. Our Egos' love to either inflate or deflate us, not other people, as what other people say has absolutely no meaning at all unless we give it meaning. So "Don't take yourself so God damned seriously", laugh it off and move on.

No what do I need to do this for and why?

We are all growth seeking beings. Humans are always moving forward, its what we do, as like all species we are ever evolving. If you stand still you die, or become extinct. One of our greatest values in life is to be happy and to continue to be happy we all have to keep moving towards happiness. Yes, happiness happens in the now, as it is a thought & feeling, but to strive towards something, like a dream or goal too can bring happiness, especially if you see the growth in yourself.

My dream and goal are to be financially independent, have more free time to spend with my family and also see the World. To achieve this I need to, not be in a fuddle muddle and need........

I'm in a fuddle muddle

To get more focused...

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