10 Tips on How to Construct a Sales Appointment

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This article is all about changing your pitch into a conversation.   I have read many articles and heard many people opinion on structured sales presentations.  Mostly they slate them.  I disagree on this point.  You would not build a house with putting down strong foundation so why would you not learn the basics of the company sales pitch.  Then just like any good foundation when you built the house you put squiggle on it.

Stages we will be covering

1. Ignore the Anxiety and Set the Agenda
2. 2 ears 1 mouth - or ask, listen and ask
3. Design the vision
4. Create the magic
5. Tell your story
6. How to get the ball rolling
7. Show them the money
8. Present the price
9. Closing
10. Consolidation

1. Ignore the Anxiety and Set the Agenda

When you go into the house or business you will always get the same message: “I won’t be buying today”, “I am getting other quotes”, “I never buy on the day”, “I am just after an idea of price” and on and on and on.   All of this is caused by customer Anxiety.  Ignore it. It’s just the customer’s fear of being ripped off.  What you need to remember is they do want to buy as you would not be in their house or place of business if they did not.  Your job is to get them to buy off you, not somebody else.  Instead, set the agenda.

Setting the agenda is all about calming down their anxiety.  Tell them what you are going to do for them.  More importantly, tell them how long you will be.   I normally go no more than 1-1.5 hours for this, regardless of if it takes longer.   What you are doing is dealing with any time objections.  If there is a time objection you need to know at the beginning of the appointment, and then decide how to deal with it.   Just remember, sometimes time objections come under the Anxiety category.  


2. 2 ears 1 mouth - or ask, listen and ask

Ask questions here.  My favourite is “Before I start talking, what questions do you have for me?”

Your main goal here is to find out the following things, so listen:

.  What they want.

.  What problems they are currently having.  

.  What THEY want the product to do for them.  

.  Why this is important to them.  

.  When they want the product or service.  

.  How they are planning on funding it.  

Once you know the answers to these questions the rest of consultation should be easy.  Tell them what they want to know, not what you want to tell them.   Stay on target.  Stay on Target.    

10 Tips on How to Construct a Sales Appointment 

3. Design the vision

You already listened to your customer’s wants and needs, now design what is they want.  Don’t be scared to suggestalternative options.  Remember, customers don’t know all the options, and sometimes customers fall in love with what you suggest.   Also, it is very important that you do not lie to people. If you do not know the answer to their question,then find out the answer.   Don’t be scared to get into the detail.  Customers really like getting into the detail when it comes to the design, and do not notice the time going by.


4. Create the Magic

People buy with their eyes.  Some people struggle to visualize what they are getting.  Use technology to help.  Don’t worry about the time.  I know some people would have been cold at the beginning, but now you are talking about their favourite subject; Them.  I have sold countless jobs for more money because people could see what they were getting.


5. Tell them your Story

This is your company demonstration, the point where you tell them all about your great company.  This is what I recommend here; tell them why you like the company you represent, or why you set up your company. Sell them on You.  Then weave some interesting facts into your story.  Don’t make this too long winded, just a few minutes is enough.  


6. How to get the ball rolling

Tell the customer what will happen from start to finishwhen they place an order.  Talk as if they will place the order.  Avoid using if you place an order, use when you place an order.  There is a chance that you might have already covered this section at the beginning of the presentation, when you ask the customer if they have any questions for you.


7. Show Them the Money

Give the customer all the payment options, regardless if they say they are going to pay cash.  Why should you do this?  Ask yourself; how many people do you know that have more than £5000 in their saving account? Not many.The chances are they don’t either.  Allow the customer to save face.  


8. Present them the price

When presenting the price be confident.  Tell them whatthe price is. Ask the customer what they think, then step back and listen.   Let the customer say their piece.  Eventually, the customer will ask you a question, that is when you respond.  A great book on how to deal with this is Questions are the Answers by Alan Pease.  


9. Closing 

If you scrolled down straight to this section, you have got it wrong.  Do a good presentation and this bit will be easy.  Tricks and bluffing will not close you deals, beingknowledgeable and likable will.   The most important thing here is ask for the order.  Make no bones about it, you just need to ask for the order.  If you are struggling to do this, take a long look in the mirror and ask why you are in sales. The worst thing a customer can say is no.  My sisters used tell me no when I wanted to watch the football.  Lots of women said no when I asked them out (my wife said yes,and she will have my heart forever).   Guess what?  I am still alive and breathing.  Ask for the order!


10. Consolidation  


Consolidation does not mean pack your bag and leave.  Take your time here. Go through each part of the contract and make sure everything the customer wants is on there. Consolidate the order. Then, take your salesman hat off,and just have a chat about anything (other than politics and religion).        


I hope this article helps you.  Some of these topics are enormousand take a lot more than a few lines on a blog to cover fully.  My biggest advice is to make your presentation your own andknow your product.  Customers will know whether you are real or not. People buy from those they like and trust. Be yourself, and people will like you.  Knowing your product will allow them to trust you.  Be awesome and happy selling!

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