🌈 180 - Victory

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undefinedSunday 15 September 2019

I could here England's team celebrating victory by the Oval Cricket ground next to me, lads sinking and celebrating, the weather is so nice too.. 

England's won final test at the Oval by 135 runs to draw Ashes series 2-2 with Australia in Cricket.  

Woke up early, had a great back workout at the gym, Sun was so bright, I ate a lot of cake today and a lot of chicken.  then around 11 I sat on my desk, I made a list of things I needed to finish, I wrote all the things came in my mind. 

- Product research

- Creating Amazon Sellers Account 

- Send Broadcast

- Write my daily Blog

- Shoot this weeks Video

-Email to Aap


- Speak to parents

- check shirt for tomorrow. 

- Run 

- Instagram post 

- Monday Motivation email to Apps. 

The reason I wrote gym in the list even after I have been this morning was bkz, it's good for you brain exercise to write the things that are done and cross them out, that way it helps your brain.. 

Anyway, so I came up with the above list, from there, I have to pick and choose what is the most important things that I need to do this list. 

I started with sending a broadcast email to my leads, so I did that, I emailed them a nice little email something in regards to thinking about the long term financially.. I had 4.8% open rate out. 

Then I watched a couple..   Click here to continue reading this article. 

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