Don’t change your beliefs, Change your Actions.

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Don’t change your beliefs, Change your Actions.

After coming across a picture online that said ‘You are what you believe’, I started digging a little, to find out how true this was and to maximise this to achieve personal success as quick as I can.

Before I started doing my research, there was one thing that bothered me about that picture with the quote. Becoming a believe can only happen through actions and not thoughts. Thoughts are a potential action but it is the action that ultimately causes a change in behaviour. For example, cognitive psychologists approach this matter in regards with the ‘thought process’ meaning that they solely focus on your thought patterns to change your behaviour to a more desirable one. I.e. ‘I love myself’ this thought would lead to self-loving acts, for example eating healthier, appreciating thyself and becoming less judgemental. This approach has been hugely effective; however, it takes for granted that the easiest part of the process of changing a behaviour is the ‘taking action part’, e.g. eating a healthier diet after creating the new thought pattern of ‘I love myself’.

From my personal experience and guidance of my mentors I have found that actions change beliefs quicker! Think of an action as a shock to your brain, especially if it’s one that you normally don’t take part in, for example saying starting a conversation with a stranger in the street. By taking this action the believe of ‘I am a sociable person’ doesn’t even need to be worked on or developed it is already there as your brain (specially your ego and super ego) conclude that I approached a stranger and said ‘hi’ even though I was nervous and then had a cool interaction, “my social skills are amazing”. See how easy it is to change your actions rather than your beliefs. Think about it like this, you will change your believes by using your actions as a medium.

Deepak Chopra once said ‘ask yourself what do you want? Act on it and let the universe take care of the details’ I believe we can all do this through taking action. As we take action on a continuous basis in our lives we would start to realise that all the questions that we have like ‘Am I good enough? Am I good looking? Am I going to be successful? Start to answer themselves through the actions you take, letting your inner chatter in your head become ever more silent, allowing you to feel more rested and at peace. Let me say it again… Don’t try and change your believes, change your actions instead. It is a lot easier and you would be killing two birds with one stone, think about it you will become a woman or a man or their word acting on what you say, you will do things that will make you step outside of your comfort zone, in other words expanding yourself, you will become courageous, brave, and more importantly a winner. Most people don’t win not because they don’t think they are winners but because they never acted upon that believe.

Now read this part carefully, once you start taking action, don’t you dare and judge yourself based on the outcome. From the instant, you decide to take action and act you have already won. You have done everything in your power to become successful, remember control all you can control and do all you can do, the rest we cannot worry about. However, I am sure there is not one person on this earth that has done everything that they think they can do, which in my opinion shows the true beauty of constant growth and never ending learning.  

Everyone has the potential to be great and it is possible for every single one of us to achieve our goals and dreams but let your actions dictate your life and not your doubts and concerns.

Stay focused.

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