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 This is absolutely life-changing.

That's a huge statement that's used and bounded about all too often these days, however, this really is absolutely life-changing. How many times has someone said to you this will change everything. Probably more times than you can remember right. However, for me and thousands before me, this has changed everything about my understanding of how I look at myself and indeed how I look at life itself. Another huge statement eh! Bear with me on this, because if I say what I really want to or how I really feel right now, you'll think oh yeah right, it's just another one of those life-changing false promises. You may think that its nothing more than some idiot trying to sell me something and you'd be right, or at least half right. I'll explain, you see I recently enrolled in a digital marketing course promising me that it was possible to make a living from home, in fact from anywhere that has an internet connection. What they never explained was that it teaches so so so much more than that, to put this into words is incredibly difficult but I'm certainly going to try.

It said from the start it would give me the resources to work from home, make some money and be able to do this from literally anywhere. Well, all of that is absolutely true but to my astonishment its oh so much more. It's shown me how to tap into myself. What I mean by that is  MY PASSIONS, MY VALUES, MY WORTH. I am now in touch with my higher being, who I am and encourages one to share these new found gifts. It is absolutely life changing so YES I am trying to sell you something but certainly not for selfish reasons because when you find something that makes you feel this good it would be incredibly selfish not to share.

Never being the academic at school and never understanding technology, I was a little nervous when I first enroled but now my only regret is that I didn't do this years ago. Although saying that it's partly because technology itself has moved at such a pace, its become easier for a 51-year-old like myself with no skills whatsoever to understand the technical side if that makes sense.

The course is packed with training videos and the back office is just incredible, allowing as much time as needed for you to fully grasp every part of what's being taught. Also, this allows everyone around the globe doing the same as myself to share their experiences and engage with those who may find certain aspects difficult. The atmosphere is electric and I'm less than two months into this remarkable course. 


I'm conscious of maybe sounding like I'm trying too hard to explain what this is and what it can do so I'll shut up now but if you are even slightly curious then do exactly what I did and click the link at the bottom of the page and receive a seven day (one each day) video series the same as I did. ALL FREE and without the slightest hint of an exaggeration or any false promises. 

Thank you for reading what is only my second blog 

Wayne Nicholls

Digital Grandparent




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