Are You a Slave To Instant Gratification?

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Why is it that successful people have no problem making sacrifices learning something new to gain long-term freedom?

We have heard stories of successful people who have tried 1000 times before they got results.

Others who rise up at 4am every-day to work on their goals.

How do they do this?

They understand that the sacrifices are only short term but the rewards are a life time.

These people have been called lucky, fortunate, or even the chosen ones.

But the truth is, they are just like you and me, some of them even dropped out of school and those who completed their education were not necessarily straight A students!

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

The difference is that, these humans have a great sense of courage and self-belief.

They do well not because they are afraid of failure but because they allow themselves to fail 1000 times!

They succeed not because they are lucky but because keep their eyes on the end goal and persist till the end.

These people are the independent thinkers, the game changers, they break the rules, the rebels!

They don’t fit in or try to be popular.

They are not followers ,they create their own paths!

They go where others won’t go.

They think differently and constantly challenge what’s presented in front of them.

Often unrealistic, they don’t limit their imagination or their thinking! They have the ability to believe in what they cannot see yet, and they will keep pushing until the end!

Against all odds they get it done, they get results of what they set out to achieve.


They smile when working on their goals because their mind is fixed on their end goal.

They make it look effortless even, not deterred by setbacks, they understand that setbacks are just setbacks and don’t lose sight of the big picture.

The ability to delay gratification is critical for success in life and in business

What we can learn from this is that you need to develop the ability to be disciplined and take action instead of being distracted by doing what’s easy, quick fixes will not give you sustainable results.

Are you a slave to instant gratification?


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