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If you are not enjoying your home office space at then moment then its time to do a bit of homework and look at remodeling the space or spaces you have. If you dont then it could be wrecking your mindset and making you unproductive. Think about it. If you are always grumbing about the limitations of your workspace then you are already having negative feelings for it. Here are examples:

  • If you are constantly interrupted by family and friends, neighbours, chores, animals.......
  • If your space is shared by others during the day
  • If it is unorganised and cluttered. Maybe you dont have the right systems in place. You can have great storage if you take the time to find out what is avaiable. (in fact we can help Organise You)
  • If you are feeling cramped and the area is hard to move in

Here are a couple of things to do right now.

  1. Sit back now and imagine what you would like your office to look like
  2. Think about where it would be
  3. Draw it or write down what you want.

Was the office in your home or did you see it outside the home? Just because you work for yourself doesnt mean that you have to or should work from home. I know its cheeper but ask yourself these questions.

  1. do you like working alone or do you miss the office enviornment so it might be better for your mindset to work in a shared office space or complex?
  2. would you get out to see more clients if you had to put on "work" clothes to go out to an office?
  3. would it be more professional to see clients outside the home? and if you worked outside the home, do you need to rent a space all week or could it be part of the week and share premises?
  4. would it add more security to the home environment if clients didnt know where you lived?
  5. would it make better sense to have an office space at home and outside the home? 

You will be much more productive if you hare happy with your office environment so do some reserch, jot down some ideas and get a better understanding of how you like to work.

I read a great, well reserched article by a writer for Shopify so I recommend you take a look at this first. 

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