If You Are an Overthinker You Have to Read This!

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 For most people overthinking is a bad thing… Your head is a non-stop puzzle trying to solve itself, and new pieces are added day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute, so it seems like the inner chatter to see which piece goes where and will never stop. If we look at it like this it seems like overthinking is some sort of mental illness or disorder… which is really quite worrying … But if we look at it as the mere fact that our brain is the best problem-solving machine on earth then things start to change.

Our brain is a constant evolving organ, to keep neuroplasticity simple our brains are made to constantly adapt and learn new things, this includes learning new behaviours, skills etc… And now it is no secret that even when we are older neuroplasticity stays predominantly high, meaning you can alter your behaviour no matter what age you are. All this means is if you are an overthinker and you are 90 years of age, with a little practice and change of perspective you can still change the negative impacts it has on your life and maximise the positive ones.

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Your brain was made to solve whatever problems it is faced against, this is the reason we are always learning and always have an urge to learn new things. You know this already… So, isn’t it silly that we complain if we never stop thinking and there is always inner chatter inside our head? That is your brains nature. Now I understand that Overthinking can bring about anxiety as we make little problems or situations in our life bigger than what they are as we give it more cognitive importance. The more time you spend thinking about something, your brain will immediately give it priority and your perspective on the problem will become compromised with emotions as it has become illusively so important to you. This can become problematic, but if you learn to apply this overthinking skill to the important stuff in your life, imagine how quick and efficiently you would find solutions to important problems.

The problem with overthinking is not ‘overthinking’, think of it like this, if Vin Cerf had not overthought the problem of sharing information quickly to people all around the world, the internet wouldn’t had been invented, if Larry Page and Sergey Brin had not overthought the obstacles faced with availability of information and services, ‘Google’ would not exist today. The problem with overthinking is the time and energy we spend thinking of the little stuff. Understand that all the little things will take care of themselves, if you find yourself thinking about a social situation that didn’t go well that night, simply and calmly take a deep breath, pay attention to the thought, laugh at yourself for giving such a little detail such importance and calmly attempt to think of something else.

Remember at the end of the day, you control your thoughts, so think of what you want to think about or even better don’t create any resistance and let your thoughts flow when you want to relax and when you want to solve a problem use your overthinking skills to find a solution!

Stay focused

Efrain Herrera

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