Island Girl in the Real world - A precious moment

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There is never a more precious time than here and now.

As I look back over the previous week, there is much to ask oneself:

What did I achieve?  Did I learn something new?  Did I contribute anything of worth?

Have I been grateful this week?   How easy it is for me to complain and moan about my cushy job in a nice warm office, that brings nothing but free cake, good music through the radio and friendly colleagues.  How difficult it is for one to be grateful.

Have I helped anyone other than myself?  Or am I too busy counting money that is yet to come, making plans for years to come, stressing over what the future holds?

Have I sat in a moment and embraced it?

A moment is so precious and yet so forsaken.  A moment can bring tears, pain, joy and peace.  And yet one forsakes it.

Sometimes I wish I could just go back and relive a moment that has slipped away and is never to be again.  Sometimes I wish I could go back and change a moment in time.  Sometimes I wish I could embrace a moment and hold on to it forever.

A moment is precious and yet we forsake it.  A moment is precious and yet we push our children away, our partners, our parents, our friends and those that love us away.  Rather than embracing the moment in time.  

A moment is precious and irreplaceable.  A moment will come and go without knowing, without any memory and without any change made to our life.  And yet a moment is all it takes to remember the precious moments we have forsaken.

Embrace your moment in time, today is no promise to anyone.  Live in this moment.  Be grateful in this moment.  Love in the moment.  Forgive in this moment.  For a moment is so precious.   And this is all one’s life is... but a moment.


This is a Life to Live and a Life to Love.



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