Solar Panels=Financial Freedom

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        Hello, my name is Wes Parker and I'm on the roof of our cabin in Colorado with our solar panels. My wife Laurie is doing the filming.  Our decision to go solar was sort of forced by the fact that it was going to cost about $10,000 to get the electric service 600' up the mountain to the cabin.  We looked into the cost of a pretty small solar system which cost about $6,000 for the materials, and no labor cost because we did it ourselves.

I really knew nothing about installing these things or how the wiring worked but I'm handy and my son Will is smart so we took a stab at it.  It's been great, no electric bills, only we've only needed to use the backup generator about six, maybe seven times during the winter, so it's been working well.  These four panels put out about 1000 to 1200 watts during the peak times.

All said and done, we can go 2-3 days with no sun and still pull power off the batteries before we crank up the generator.  We run the Honda generator for 5-6 hours until the batteries are juiced back up. The achilles heel, or the weak point in the whole system is the batteries.   If we had twice the amount of battery storage we really wouldn't have any winter time concerns and the winter is the only time we have concerns as the summer time has plenty of sun.

But what do solar panels have to do with financial freedom?  Being off the grid has been amazing, it has sort of freed us up to think about how the rest of our life has changed.  We spent about eight years building the cabin with our spare time and spare money.  We have no mortgage here so the pressure to earn a lot of income has gone way down.  Having made such a dramatic change in our lives, my wife and I started looking at alternative ways to make a living.  We found something that will allow us to not have to commute AT ALL.  We have access to the internet on our mountaintop cabin and with our laptops that's all we need.

For the first time in 35 years I have removed the extreme economic pressure from my life and I really had no idea just how heavy that burden was, I was so used to it.  If you would like to know what path we chose to get to this point in life, click here, read on and remain openminded.  Also be realistic, maybe even optimistic about being able to radically change your life.  Thanks for your time.   Wes Parker

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