Take Action

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Hi, first of all, thank you for being here, and if you’re looking for some advice, some inspirations and some tips to absolutely change your life, keep reading.

Positive action in the direction of your goals

Is one of the most important things you should do to save you from the chains of old habits, of you old visions, old job, from your past, is something you should do to improve your life, in every areas and in every situation.




So, first things first…you must be asking what should I take action on?? Well if you are, let me tell you, the first question to be done is, what do you want???

For you??

For your work?

For your Life?

For your Family?

For tomorrow?

For today? 

We all want success. But you must understand there is no magic button or miracle script where, money, people or situations will suddenly jump into your life.

So, after knowing what you want is simple, NOT EASY but simple, here is the SECRET.

  1. FIRST do your empowerment ritual every day (no excuses), here is the ritual.
    1. VISION (Something you desire so much that you can´t even sleep at night) own it, like your life depend on it (Because it does).
    2. Listen to videos to empower you.
    3. Read something that helps you in the direction of your goals.
    4. Set your goals list for the day, for 3 months, for 6 months for a year (at least).
  2. Search for the best mentors and coach in the area that you want to improve.
  3. Be consistent At least for 3 to 6 month (see results)
    1. NOTE: Our brains are set to protect us(survival mode), so then it will take time for the changes to become successful habits, so if your uncomfortable, DO IT,  you're procrastinating, STOP, and,
    2. DECIDE
    3. COMMIT,
    4. ACT,
    5. SUCCEED,
    6. REPEAT.  
  4. Understand FEAR (To have courage is not to stop being afraid is to do it in fear).

 “it is not the movement of the clock that produces a newness of life it is the movement in your mind

Tony Robins.

Ask some things to confirm if you are on the right path like:

·      What information do I need to research to help me move forward in my goals?

·      What did I learn about myself today?

·      What topics did I learn about today?

·      What do I will accomplish during the next few days?

And very important, do not compare yourself to anyone else

Only compare you to YOU!

The only person you need to measure is YOU. Compare yourself today to who you were yesterday. Focus on your personal growth and the value you can bring to you that will reflect directly in all areas of yours life.

My mentor once told me "Time and the most valuable thing we can give to someone"

and that "Money is a buy product".

This is my experience and what I have learned and helped people all over the world

if you are curious about what system I use, that keeps me on this focused path, and on my journey of success, meet my mentors.

Thank you for reading, wishing you the best in life

To your success



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