The Enjoyment of my Digital Lifestyle

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Well Well Well

I have to say, I am having so much FUN doing this training with The SFM & DEA ( The Six Figure Mentors & Digital EXperts Academy ). I had no idea that learning to run my own online business could be so fun. In appreciation of those who have read my previous blogs and are still here, I will try to keep this a bit shorter as it has been suggested the posts might be too long, lol.

So what is happening in my Digital Life today

I got up at 5:00am this morning to attend a live webinar on marketing. I was invited to speak on the webinar and got to discuss some important things about my business directly with the tutor. I received some valuable advice and I am feeling really happy about that. I believe I am vibrating on a happy open level in order to have manifested that through The Law Of Attraction.

A timely reminder

This might be a good moment to talk a little more about The Law Of Attraction. This Law is a universal Law. That means it effects everything in the universe, including you and I. I have been increasingly focusing on what I want to happen, and visualising bits of my day working out before they happen. I have been trying to stay positive and happy, and in turn The Law Of Attraction will bring me positive things, like being able to talk directly with the people who can best help me set up this business.

Other work I have done today.

I have been watching a webinar recording that is teaching me a little more about this blogging platform, and you may find that I share on my page, some other peoples blogs if they are relevant. I have leant something called a Daily Method Of Operation, which is a list of daily activities that will help me further my business faster. 

I have placed an advertisment.

I learned to generate a link to my landing page today, and some of you may have noticed I have posted this advertisment link to my facebook page. I have then paid to boost this advertisment to a larger audience, so now we will see if my Law Of Attraction is flowing the right way to bring me some leads.

This is where I will end off

I will leave it there for now, so you can all rest your eyes, and I can go and chat with people in The SFM & DEA community chat, lol. It's like my own private facebook with all the people who are doing this same training as me. It's Awesome! Please click the link below and enter your email address if you want any more information on the Online Business Training I am doing. You will then recieve a Free Start Up Bundle from my mentors Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek.

Until next time



PS My apology on the lack of cover photo today, I had a slight technical issue.

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