The Secret Of Happiness

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Have you ever wondered why is that some people seems always happy and all the others not?

Why is it that two people can have essentially the same background and the same opportunities, but one is happy and the other miserable?

Could be possible that happiness constitutes the true meaning of success?

All these questions lead to me at the following statement: real successful people are happy and when you are cheerful and whole in yourself, all good things follow.

When I'm happy at the same time I improve my self-esteem; and it leads to riches, peace, balance, harmony, and love. My relationships with partner, family, friends, and associate are getting better every day because I constantly improve my joy.

Happiness is essentially a state of mind.

The reality is that we do not attract which we want, but which we are. The thought we have, reveal the beliefs we have about ourselves. I can say that my thoughts are reflections of my expectations.

If the language from the inside reflecting optimism, we are positive and well-disposed toward others. in other words: what we expect is what we get.

The problem for many of us is that we often have negative and self-limiting ideas and this leads to the consequence that if we expect the worst, we get it.

When we complain, yell, scream, or when we become angry, fearful, nasty do have any of these bad reactions lead to solving our problems? Or, all of these, have only lead to anything else other than more anger, guilt, and feeling of being out of control?

If only we stop a moment to think that we are our thoughts, probably we understand how useless is our anger. We should cool down, keep calm and try to breathe slowly. Avoiding to react immediately could be the first step towards a better behavior.

I've always found pretty useful as a remedy going for a walk in the countryside or, if not possible, undefined

in a park.

Now, after I'm past fifty, I finally understand that I, and only I, can create my own destiny when my thought are in agreement with my wishes, what I dream of will magically materialize. 

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