The Three Elements of Practical Psychology & Internet Money-Making Education


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The Three Elements of Practical Psychology & Internet Money-Making Education 



undefinedWe are all practical psychologists. We all have the ability to decipher what´s really going on in a situation – both with ourselves and with those we care about. The challenge is that we haven´t been taught how to access those skills to effectively create the changes in ourselves and in our lives that we desire.

The Three Elements of Practical Psychology represent a series of refinements that will help you to understand the nature of human beings and in turn to be able to predict how and why we do what we do. The more you can understand about what´s naturally going on with people, the more compassion, connection, and positive influence you can have as a parent, a leader, a professional, a loving partner, or a friend.


In order to become effective practical psychologists, there are three questions we must answer:

1.      What stops us from moving forward? Taking action? Being our best?

2.      What controls and determines the quality of our lives?

3.      Why do we do what we do? What are the ultimate drives behind all human action?


What stops us from moving forward? Taking action? Being our best?

The answer is fear. Fear can destroy psychology and immobilise us from taking action. Al of us experience fear in some context during our lives: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of love (or losing love), fear of being alone, or fear of the unknown. In fact, most of us feel a combination of these fears over the course of our lives. Fear is hard – wired intro every human being – nothing will take the fear away.The secret is learning how to use fear instead of letting fear use you!

Two primary fears all human beings share:

1) We are not enough

2) We won’t be loved.

See fear as the energy you can use. Don’t fight it, dance with it. You use fear or fear uses you. You use stress or stress uses you.

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What controls and determines the quality of our lives?

What controls our lives are the meanings we associate with the things in our lives, which are shaped by our own personal psychology and our word view (the beliefs and values that we´ve created).

For example, two people may experience the same event, where one person thinks. “God is punishing me. I might as well die”, and someone else, on the other hand, thinks, “God is challenging me. This is the greatest gift I´ve ever received.” The perceptual difference not only affects the quality of each person´s life but what action they will take next.

Once meaning is established, each individual will have a pattern of emotions that they associate to this meaning as their natural way of coping. For example, if one person feels that someone has verbally abused or humiliated them, they may strike back with physical violence. Someone else might believe it is important to save face by pretending the attack had no impact whatsoever. And yet another person may respond to the same situation by trying to hide and protect themselves and work to avoid this person on the situation at all costs. The variance in meanings and emotions people can generate is virtually unlimited.

All meaning are driven by our individual patterns of emotions. We all have patterns of emotions. For example, we all know people we like to be around because they seem happy. We also know people who seem to be continuously frustrated, sad, or angry.

All of us have a variety of emotions we consistently experience, and these emotions are driven by their forces that mould the meaning we take from those emotions.

The Source of all emotion is a constellation of three forces:

·  Physiology - how you use physical body, such as breath, posture and movement

·  Focus - whatever you focus on, you will feel.

·  Language - as soon as we put words to an experience, it changes the meaning we experience.


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