What is a Salesperson?

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This blog is about what it takes to be a Sales Person.  In this blog we will covering the following:

.  What is a Sales Person?

.  What personality type makes the best Sales people?

.  The one skill every sales person must have.


What is a Sales Person?

A Sales Person is anyone who tries to influence another person to buy a product, to follow their recommendations.

Have you ever sold a product to anyone, or influenced another human being to do some thing you want them to?  If the answer is “Yes” then you are a Sales Person.  If the answer is "No", then...

Have you ever persuaded somebody you are attracted to to sleep with you?  If the answer is “Yes” then you are a Sales Person.  If the answer is "No"...

Have you ever got a job?  If “Yes” then you are a Sales Person.  If the answer is "No"...

Did you ever get your parents to by you sweets?  If the answer is “Yes” then you are a Sales Person.  If the answer is “No” then you are a rock and I question how you can read this blog.


What Personality Type Makes the Best Sales People?

The answer here is anyone can be a Sales Person.  I have met many different personality types doing this job.  I have met many Sales People who are very friendly and talkative.  I have met many Sales People who are very analytical.  I have met Sales People who do not talk a lot and are just great listeners.  I have met Sales People with so little product knowledge that you could write it on the back of an ant.   I have met Sales People who have a massive amount of product knowledge.  Guess what? Some of them are very successful and other have failed utterly.

I once met a Salesman who had been working for sometime at the same company I worked for, but in another sales division.  He was getting no sales.  I was asked if he could come into my team to work.  I agreed.  I told him to meet up with the team on a door-knocking session.  He was late.  He turned up and I had to walk back to formally welcome him.  On meeting him, he was very negative about the company.  I told him he could go home if he wanted, or he could try and learn something.  He decided to stay.  This guy did not say a lot, and was not very outgoing.  Some would say he was not a great candidate as a Sales Person.

I took him on a lead, and he watched me conduct a presentation. I sold the deal.  I am a very outgoing personality and I have no problem building rapport with people.  When we came out of the house he informed me that he could not do what I had just done.  I informed him that it is not important that he does what I just did.  He was confused.  I told him that not all people are the same, and that I will come across people like him who will hate my personality.  He laughed.  I told him that he will meet people that will also hate his personality.  The point is people buy from people they like and trust; people who are like them.   He did not need to be me, he needed to be him.

I then informed him that there was only one thing he really needed to get good at.


The One Skill Every Sales Person Must Have

The ability to ask for the order.  The recruit figured it out one day.  He had come on a few appointments with me, but the time had come for him to do an appointment himself.  He had a bit more faith at this stage, but he was getting frustrated.  I had told him the answer many times, but it was obvious it was not happening.  Then one day he met with me; he was angry and frustrated.  He said "I got It! I just need to ask for the order".  I repeated it to him; “You just need to ask for the order”.   This man was in his mid-forties.  He then went on to earn more money that month than he had ever earned in a single month in his entire life.

A Sales Manager once said to me:  "I can dress a monkey in a suit and teach him how to do a good presentation.  It takes courage to ask for the order".  You see, the only difference between being a good Sales Person or being a bad Sales Person is asking for the order.

Without Sales People New products do not move and the world does not improve.  Without Sales People we would still be living in homes with single glazed wood windows.  Without sales people there would be no renewable energy.  Without Sales people there will be no electric cars.  Be proud to call your self a sales person.  We can influence the world to be a better place.

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