Why would anyone Live Tiny? My first Step lead us across the country

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Have you been wanting to live tiny or wondered if you can even do it? Why?

My wife and I have wanted to go tiny for one major reason, We don't know where to live! Which means we don't have a house yet. BUT, doesn't it make sense for us to do it now while we can move around a bit before being forced to settle somewhere we don't want to be year after year?

Its been an increasingly attractive way of living over the last 5 years. Especially with as many TV shows giving some really great perspective on what it takes to do so.

There are many benefits to going tiny that I feel easily outweigh the cons often highlighted particularly by those who are simply closed minded towards the practicality of the lifestyle.

Let us start with a few cons, shall we?      Cons to Living tiny

  • Obviously, an abundance of living space is not available in most cases. Although you would find the common mindset of an individual going tiny usually find their tiny space to provide quite an abundant feel utilizing every square foot providing a very fulfilled, conservative and respectful piece of livable space.
  • Not so guest friendly. With small spaces come bumping elbows, less sitting area, and privacy. oh and typically one bathroom for everyone. 
  • Minimal storage. A really big eye opener for someone who may not realize how much "stuff" they have accumulated over the years. 


Yes, of course, it will take some getting used to having your kitchen in your living room or at least sharing all your everyday functions within basically one room. It may be safe to say that most families or even couples don't always live in a studio apartment out of choice if they can afford otherwise.

So why go Tiny? 

What makes this lifestyle filled with hard-to-face compromises so desirable to begin with? 

The Pros to living Tiny

  • Sustainable. Relative to anyone's financial status, its always desired to be debt free. There's a real sense of freedom that comes with owning something. In other words, no one wants to owe money to a bank, especially for 30 years. Also, there will always be a cost for living within your house. Less house=cheaper costs for upkeep/repair, electricity, water consumption/waste, heating/cooling etc.
  • Mobile. Although most tiny homes are constructed on a trailer which is movable, I would suggest it's not high on the travelable scale as say a typical fifth wheel travel trailer. They are designed to emulate the cozy Home feeling that is missing when you step inside a fifth wheel travel trailer. Two completely different purposes. But still, you can choose the land you wish to live on, Or not. Move somewhere else.
  • Luxurious. They are highly customizable to accommodate precisely which luxuries are important to each individual. Granted there are limitations, but with the internet, anyone can be brought aware of the astonishing innovations that are engineered into these meticulously articulated small spaces.

So as you could gather, before anyone decides on any action towards going tiny there are a lot of considerations whether or not you may Really want to or even Can do it.

undefinedMy first step lead us across country

Read about how and why we did this in my next post coming soon. See you there!

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