3 reasons why struggling entrepreneurs procrastinate in achieving their GOALS...

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Benjamin Franklin is quoted to have said, “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." 

What old Ben must have known then that applies to this day is that on the whole, many of us procrastinate in part because we have a fear of failure. Words used will be similar to: What if things don't go as planned? what if things do go as planned -- I may have to move, get all new friends, grow? And much more silly thoughts would pop up that leads to fear that we usually let hold us back.

Excuses, excuses

The easy answer is because for all of the so-called individualist out there who think they are ultra-original; fact is, most of us are pretty much the same, with a few slight cultural differences to make travel interesting. Possible reasons people delay in doing things they know they should do is that maybe the task to be done is boring. Another reason could be the person doesn't want to get dirty, sweaty, wet. 

Others? It's too cold, too hot, too windy, too scary, too dark. Bottom line, when someone doesn't want to do something, they can always come up with a Rolodex of excuses to justify -- in their mind -- the avoidance. In the end, though, it always comes down to either being afraid. Known as having a fear of failure or they're just lazy. 

Here Are 3 Reasons Why We Procrastinate?

Fear of failure

The Pucker Factor, known as being a scared-y cat. Also known as having a fear of failure. When this often irrational malaise takes over some people, their minds-eye imagines the worst possible outcome of a given experience, resulting in them sitting still. Often replaying the worst experience over and over. People in this group frequently have above-average intelligence and creative abilities, but feel if they were to follow through -- and not succeed -- the world will not be right. 

Lack of energy

A lack of energy. Another factor that has been observed over time and is often misdiagnosed as someone who is lazy, or is the person born with low energy levels. Growing up they've always stayed on the sidelines as spectators while their more energetic playmates were all up in any given childhood activity. And unfortunately this sitting in the stands mentality is carried over into adulthood. 


This procrastinate item is brought on due to having to take on more task than a person can comfortably organize in their minds. It's often a mild form of just being uncomfortable in certain situations. But in extreme cases the individual may suddenly avoid people and social situations, resulting in low self-esteem. The end result of which may cause the sufferer to no longer be able to connect with those who are the closest to them. 

Workable Solutions for the above reasons 

Firstly, consult with your medical practitioner to determine if this is something you truly need to work through. Secondly, have a friend talk to you and offer encouraging words when you are not feeling like yourself. Create a list and break the task down into manageable chunks. You'll find that you were making mountains out of molehills.

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