5 Benefits of Being an Empath

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1. Life Experience:

Positive and negative emotions are part of life. We experience life fully, we can go from one extreme to the other in regards to emotions. Although this may sound like something negative, it is a unique talent that makes us understand better humanity and it´s complexity. It makes us more conscious. We can embrace beauty, love, compassion like only 20% of the population can. Of course, by learning how to balance these emotions we can experience one extreme and then go back to neutral faster.

When you have an online business and travel all around the world, the connection you feel with the planet is almost indescribable, magical, you have more world inside of yourself.

2. Friends:


We have great “antennas” to spot who is good material for an amazing friend. Funnily enough, the best friends we can have, tend to be also empathic people. We are naturally friendly. Choose a tribe where you surround yourself with people who will embrace you and support your empathic abilities. As a member of "The Six Figure Mentors" I can tell you that doing business surrounded by so many empaths is one of the best decisions, I have made in my life.

3. Creativity:

We empaths tend to be very artistic. If we don’t already do creative work, we do connect with art very strongly. Music, poetry, paintings, dancing can move us deeply and transport us to places only we understand.

When creating your own business this is very useful, we are creative in nature. Remembering again how we can experience life fully, we can really be passionate about our businesses. 

4. Love:


Because we experience life to the fullest, that is we can go from 1 to 10 emotionally (most of the people go from 3 to 7), we can love animals, others, the planet and ourselves very strongly. When we become healed empaths, we can cope with negative emotions a lot better.

5. Values:

We are good people, idealists. We desire people to get along. We believe in love, goodness, compassion, fairness, truth, freedom, peace. When we connect with who we really are and choose to be bold and go out there, expressing our values, we lead with an amazing example.

Surround yourself with people who have similar values than you. I chose to be surrounded with amazing mentors in the online business world who have wonderful values and you can too.



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