5 Reasons Why Video is More Effective Than the Written Word

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Your video is more effective than any other communication

A video is more effective than a traditional book, magazine, or whatever text it could be. It comes down to 5 crucial points.

Without and doubt, and thanks to the fast digital development, videos are taking over almost everything.

In various previous articles, the speed of the digitalization of the world is a common topic. Somebody mentions the pandemic as a giant step by four years into the digitalization era. In one of my prevoius articles, the future digitalized world is already here.

This article will be an interactive one. You need to collaborate with me to see the final result and the conclusions.

The cruel reality is that we all perceive images or videos differently compared to text. Text is necessary, images must be there, and videos are a must.

Seriously, not so many took the video evolution with the attention it deserves. The truth is that the future will be very much video-based. So, pay attention....Read More>>