90 Day Goal Challenge. Jan-March 2019

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Here is my first installment of GARDNER GOALS. I’ve realized how important goal setting is, because basically it’s the first step in actually getting something done. Chances are if you never set goals an make a plan to get something done, you’ll never end up doing it.

Setting 90 day goals gives you motivation throughout the 90 days and something to work towards. 90 days is a great time frame because it allows you to set a challenging goal, with sufficient, but not too much time to do it.

Telling other about your goals or blogging about them or writing them down also generates accountability. The fear of failure is a great motivator for a lot of us. I personally like to set five goals for my 90 days, one personal and four around my online business. So here are my five goals!

I’ve never been much of a reader. I’ve read, Rich Dad - Poor Dad, in the last 10 years and that’s about it. However, if you want to improve at something or build knowledge, reading is obviously essential. Two books in 90 days, is about one book per six weeks, so this will be fairly difficult for me.

2. MAKE $100
I’m just starting out with my online business. Making $100 doesn’t sound too hard, but there is so much to learn about starting up an online business. Part of making the money is to justify to myself what I’m doing is actually working.

Its one thing to sit at home on your laptop, buried away, keeping to yourself. Its another thing to put yourself out there and make the effort to attend a seminar and put yourself out of your comfort zone. I want to attend a seminar to network and broaden my knowledge.

My goal is to get 100 people to subscribe to my email marketing list. This means people who join up to receive updates and offers from me by clicking on my links and leaving their email address. Having a large amount of people on your marketing list is basically free advertising.

5. BENCH PRESS 100kg (220 lbs)
Its always great to have a personal goal to aspire to complete. It can be anything from making sure you get to every soccer practice, saying something nice everyday to your spouse or finally cleaning out the garage. For me it’s to hit 100kg on the bench press. I’m currently lingering around 80kg.

If you would like to know more about my goals and my online business of making money online, Check out my website www.myworldwideoffice.com

That’s my goals! Whats yours? Remember, if you don’t write them down and acknowledge them daily, chances are you won’t end up doing them.

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