How much do you appreciate having a family?

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I ask this question because at this day and age, the level at which technology is impacting our lives, we tend to communicate more digitally than physically. Technology is making life easier and so I am writing this blog so as to create awareness that wisdom should be applied in its use so that it works to our advantage. Kids and parents alike tend to spend more time on their own on their phones than they do together as families. Yes its true that information is abundant out there. Through your smartphone its possible to gain knowledge, get inspiration, get advice and opinions, get entertained and so on. But there are limits. There is a tendency to fall into the trap of feeling more comfortable with strangers than with members of your own family, especially in a parenting situation.

Its easy and comfortable to get so much entertainment on the internet so that one forgets their true purpose in life. If you are a parent, I know its challenging to tell your children what you can't practice yourself. This is because they learn most from what they see us do. Not only the adults get entertained online. Kids are also, and most especially without knowing their boundaries. Parents have the duty of determining how much time the kids should stay on their own with their phones, and most probably what they are engaged in. If parents do not take it upon themselves to train their children the way they should go, society will do that. There is a lot of influence out there and it supports the saying that ' an idle mind is the devil´s workshop.' The nature of the human mind is such that it doesn't support vacuums. Something must fill the gap. We want that gap to be filled with good, empowering, fulfilling thoughts that do eventually turn to things.

I urge parents to start considering how to be in a position that will enable them spend more quality time with their families. I understand parents have to work and pay the bills and look after themselves and everyone else. Parents are also doing their best so far , but if you start feeling that there is more to live than you are actually getting, you are right. Nothing ever changes untill something changes. This change may be at the level of our our jobs, career, or even most importantly the mindset. Do you belief that a change of belief can move you unto another direction entirely?

We will continue this discuss in my next post. Leave your comments and I would love to continue having this conversation with you if this message rings your bells. Till then.


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