Freedom 1. Trust that a solution comes at te right time

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Freedom exists in all sizes and shapes. Since our Super Freedom lifestyle journey I realized that I achieved many kinds of freedom. So the "Super" stands for all those pieces of freedom that changed my life and can change yours. And Freedom is where our new lifestyle is based on.

For example. The freedom of knowing solutions always come at the right time. I think anyone has experiences or situations where you didn't see a solution to a problem and worried about how it would end. You had negative thoughts and couldn't find an answer. Then there is a distraction. Something else is drawing your attention. And a little later you see what you've got to do to solve it.

Wouldn't it be nice when you could do that conscious? You can. Let me explain.

There is a problem and you tell yourself that the answer will come when the time is right. Try it. You can relax and choose for a distraction that gives a good feeling. ( a good book or nice music or a chat with your favorite neighbor).  And before you know it the solution appears. Don't look for it, just go on with your life.

It's a win-win situation. You feel good at the moment the problem is there because you know the solution will appear. And by giving it space the solution will appear much quicker. 

This is one of the freedoms that changed my life. Not longer thinking a solution; that are never the good solutions. But have the trust that the answer will come. It's a process of experimenting and building trust through the results it gives. But it gives so much freedom. Thinking solutions instead of letting them come to you is a very unnatural thing to do and costs much energy and time. Think about good things that happened to you. I bet most of them came to you in an inside and you immediately felt that it was good.

Law of Attraction. 
That gave my ultimate freedom. I knew for years that I was creating my experiences with my mind. Years ago I was depressed and went to a psychotherapist. At the first appointment, the therapist told me that I could change my life by changing my thoughts. That was the beginning of living my life. Before that, I survived. My life felt a lottery. I had no control over what was going on and I had no trust in life. But since that knowledge was brought to me, I did learn much and I saw a path to a good life. I studied all kinds of wisdom about life and a few years ago I stumbled upon Esther/Abraham Hicks. All the jigsaw pieces fell into place. Life became logical to me and is becoming greater every day. 

Three years ago I saw an ad from SFM about the laptop lifestyle. I was dreaming of a different life. Not that it was that bad. On the contrary, but I knew it could get even better. And the idea of earning our money with a laptop lifestyle looked like my dream. I wanted that work and that lifestyle but I didn't think I could do it on my own. Now, three years later, things went in an unbelievable way toward to a laptop lifestyle. Our Super Freedom Lifestyle. Only because I wanted it so much? Coincidence? I don't think so. In my next blog, I will explain how things happened.

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