International Students Income - How Online Business Can Ground Your Roots In Freedom

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A large portion of students get stuck in unfulfilling careers that they are not passionate about. They give up on high paying jobs in their home country to go overseas in search for a better life. What they are usually faced with instead are tons of challenges that make them question if they had made the right decision by leaving their comfort zone and moving to a new country.

With financial struggles, limited qualifications and language skills, they end up working insane hours in areas such as cleaning, barista, bartender, waiter/waitress and even as gravediggers. Working these casual or part-time jobs while studying full-time can be very exhausting, time consuming and frustrating.

But what if I told you that this scenario can be changed? That you can start your own business from scratch making use of the skills that you already have to build on top of what you're passionate about just like I did ?

Often these students moved country to improve their English so that new doors of opportunity would open up for them. To make this happen, they usually need to work really hard before they can embark on this new venture. This involves giving up on social activities and hobbies. When you’re moving to a new country, every cent needs to be saved to make your dream a reality. Although this can be confronting, this dream is so important that no challenge or obstacle is bigger than the desire of living a more meaningful life abroad.

I understand because I went through this myself.

The Challenges I Faced When I Stepped Into A Foreign Country


  • Finding a place to live – having to share a tiny place with strangers
  • Desperately looking for my first job (anything) to pay the bills
  • Tremendous difficulty communicating with people – facing shyness and lack of self-confidence
  • Making new connections / friends
  • Getting used to the city and its public transportation system
  • Getting familiar with the new language and trying to understand what the teacher is saying in the classroom
  • Working hard to keep up with the financial demands – International students pay almost double the tuition of local students to get the same degree
  • Loneliness & Homesickness – feeling completely lost and depressed and sometimes questioning if I made the right decision by moving to a new country
  • Not having anyone to connect with and confide in that understands my cultural background and customs
  • Working three days a week and studying the other four days – it was almost a 24/7 routine
  • Always lacking in time, money and freedom

I felt ill, overworked, and powerless to change my situation. I had moved to a big beautiful country but never had time to explore it and truly appreciate all that it has to offer.

My ‘Days off’ were spent looking for extra sources of income, working on overdue assignments, and focusing on anything required for a new visa application.

But just like everything in life, this was a cycle – things fortunately changed for me.

How I Became an Online Business Owner While In University


I hated that in order to be eligible to apply for a full-time job and a permanent resident visa; I would have to pay a fortune to undertake a 3-year University degree that I wasn’t passionate about.

This situation made me think outside the box...

One day I was feeling miserable, burnt out from my job, and stressed because I had University assignments due but had no brain power to focus on them. I needed help, and with no one to turn to, I went to YouTube to watch motivational videos.

This was when I discovered an Online Business opportunity that reignited the spark within my heart, and would transform my dream of living a life of TIME, GEOGRAPHICAL and FINANCIAL FREEDOM  into a reality.

When I discovered this opportunity, I had no technical skills, nor did I have experience building an online business. Quite the opposite, where I was raised we had no electricity 15 years ago and I had only used a laptop for the first time a few years earlier. However, what I soon discovered was that this Online Business opportunity included all the training and support required to start my own online business regardless of previous experience and skills.

So if you can relate to my story I want you to ask yourself:

If you’re a hard working person like me, what would your life look like if you invested your energy in building your own online business?

How would it feel to have the freedom to visit your family back in your home country whenever you want because all you require to run your business is a laptop and an internet connection?

If you’re serious about your venture and you have a burning desire to make a change in your life just like I did then I would like to offer you this life changing opportunity and introduce you to the same 7 Day Video Series that I watched when I began my journey and completely changed my perspective of what was possible for me.

So click this link, and put your name and email address and I will send you the FREE 7 day Video training series.

Give yourself a chance to live the life you’ve always imagined in your own terms – bring your entrepreneurial spirit out to play.

Your success is ABSOLUTELY possible and I am here to help you get there no matter what.