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I read an article lately that was about the biggest regrets that people had while they were on their deathbed. It's not an uncommon topic for me. In fact, quite often I revert back to my "old man theory" where I try to envision myself in old age and question whether or not I would look back fondly at this part of my life. If I think I would be unhappy about it, it's time to change something.

The article was eye-opening. Most of the answers revolved around personal relationships and plans to travel that never became a reality. Like so many others I have plans to go places and see things and do so with the people I care about.

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You don't have to own a personal jet or visit a resort on the island to travel. Research what is around you. Go spend a weekend in the cities within a days drive. Call up friends that you haven't seen and let them show you around their town for a weekend. If you're reading this right now, you have the ability to find out what's out there, and who is out there.

The Harvard Study of Human Development stated one of the key factors of longevity and happiness is connection. Connection to people and connection to the world. There are more than one way to do anything, including travel. I've found a whole world in my backyard and want to see it and so much more. Keep moving, stay connected, and live on your own terms.

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