On losing your man boobs

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F'kd up. Insecure.Neurotic.Emotional.


The ultimate rhetorical question:  How are you?

The next time someone asks you - tell them and watch their eyes glaze over:)

        FINE is sufficient to stop human interaction in its tracks before it gets anywhere near friendly. FINE is your ultimate excuse as to why you shouldn't/couldn't or won't do something. Follow your dream. Move out of your stuckness. Get the help you need. Move on .. whatever.

If you're FINE, why change! Therein lurks the real danger. If you need to change something in your life - start by admitting that actually - you are NOT FINE and that something's gotta SHIFT. 

The really sad thing about FINE is that we tell it to ourselves. Inside - where it does the most damage. 


* Change your mind.

Your thoughts will become things. Your external reality is a reflection of what's been going on in your head. So - watch your head. Everything in our lives is a result of what we have thought. We create it in our minds first, and then it manifests in our outer world. That makes us 100 % responsible. For everything. So - what were you thinking!

* Take action.

Get up - your life depends on it. Choose just one step. Take it. A gazillion good ideas remain just that - ideas until some form of action is taken. Kindness remains a concept - until some form of action is taken. Take it! 

* Go outside.

Look up. Breathe. Really, in the grand scheme of things, our Planet isn't even visible from most parts of the Universe - it's about perspective. It is about change. It is about motion. Everything is in constant motion - NOTHING IS PERMANENT. So go outside and take a look around you. Be grateful. Be gracious. Be awed and be inspired by life on this planet.

* And - if you wanna lose your man boobs - develop the right motivation. 

'Losing your man boobs to hook up with somebody -

now THAT'S motivation'


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