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The Digital Economy is Changing the World. Isn't time for you to change too?

How can you live the Life of your dreams. Learn how by reading this post. Motivation, Marketing, Mindset

Some people are already harvesting the benefits of the digital economy. It is changing the world now. When you have the right product, mentors, and a system, you can change your life for good. It is about having a laptop lifestyle business, in which your office is anywhere with a reliable internet connection and an electrical outlet. It gives you freedom to some degree. Here are some thoughts about the changes that are affecting us right now.

Working on your Own

To work on your own requires discipline. It sounds comfortable and very attractive. In the typical way of thinking, the boss is the all-powerful character that can do anything he wants. By being your own boss, you become automatically almighty.

However, and citing a famous quote from a superhero saga, “with great powers come great responsibilities.” Being your own boss also brings with you a whole bunch of new things you must prepare yourself to face in the best possible way.

One of the most important and challenging things about being your own boss is time management. You need to learn to manage your time so that you are actually free. Working for others, you let them manage your time for you. If you have been doing it for a long time, your time management skills must be really rusted. Get consciousness about time management before taking the big step. Then, jump!

What you can Do vs. what you Should Do

Once I heard a system that was promoted as “Making Money on Pajamas.” This was a bold statement that may be true. For example, if you are creating content to sell online, nobody cares if you do it dressed in an elegant suit, dressed in pajamas, or even naked. In that sense, there is a high degree of freedom.

The possibility to dress informally is just a straightforward example with no real significance. The best of working on your own is choosing what you should be working on and when. Even working on your own needs teamwork. Depending on your activity, most likely you do not want to go solo.

You should gather together a team of people to work with you. It does not necessarily have to be other people that work on the same thing as you do. A cross-functional team will bring more value. Even working on small gigs can represent and opportunity for diversification.

For example, if you are a singer, then you would benefit of a songwriter. The same happens with songwriters who can make an ally of a musician to bring their words to life. Teamwork is about working on synergy and making work easier for everyone.


The self-preparation period to work on your own and go independently requires time. First of all, you must learn to know yourself. Find things you truly care about, and most of all, look for your real passion. Those two things are important because they will be your driver for the dull and long moments that will seem endless on your journey.

Set your goals. They will be the spark of light that shines behind the haunted woods you have to go through. Your goals must be rewarding enough to motivate you to endure the hardest challenges along the way. Once you have your goals set, then move on to the next stage.

Getting the terrain ready to make the jump. Going on your own is always about taking the risk. The bet is high, but with small possibilities of getting the jackpot. The difference is that with the digital economy, you don’t win after a lucky round. You win after long hours of hard work.

Especially at first, the path is incredibly thought. You must prepare yourself physically, emotionally and financially to endure and succeed.

Take Small Steps at a Time

The best approach for people who are not willing to take risks is to take small steps at a time. This is the opposite approach of just jumping when you are still learning how to fly. Do not quit your regular job immediately. Start testing your independence ideas.

You can use your free time to create a business model that works for you. Then, and just after everything is planned and you have all preparations complete, take the big step and cut your strings. You will feel a burden on your shoulders. This would be lighter if you changed your lifestyle to live with the minimum and saved before taking this step. That will allow you to start flying without worrying about the lack of your next paycheck.

This big step is important, as it will redefine your priorities in life. The digital economy will take you through a different journey, so enjoy the ride.

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