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You've escaped from typical office cycle. Your status says a small business owner. It entitles you to no 9-to-5, no boss, no ridiculous system to follow. But is this a win situation?

Now, you have more flexible working time but in total, you work longer hours. You have less time for yourself and your family than when you were an employee. You have your business, you are the only one responsible for running it. There is no one else to share responsibilities and duties with. All is on your shoulders. No escape, no paid leave off work?! The truth is when you don't work, there is no cash coming in. You ask yourself: What did go wrong?

Then, it hits you! You are not an entrepreneur, whose business is running on its own, producing cash flow without being present. How do they do it, these CEOs? There must be a way.

The secret of each CEO is investing into themselves. The continuous self-education, self-development, self-improvement is the key. To achieve greatness, it is necessary to supplement our formal education. We have tested it, we know now, it only provides us with living mentioned above. But we want to live passionately, do the things we love doing, to be self-sufficient and free.

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The fact is that most businesses spend way too much time bettering their products and do not spend enough time making sure that their products are actually known. Marketing is a key point where a majority of small business owners struggle. The old-fashioned way of advertising like putting ads into the magazines or local papers, announcements on the radio, business cards, none of them work in these days. Time ti wake up! It's the age of digital technology.

Instead start to look into Social media marketing. That's the way to go. There is a variety of choice - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snap chat, etc. Choose the one you are most familiar with, get the proper know-how. There are thousands of online courses showing you how to advertise on a social media platform of your selection.


Once your small business is media known, you could potentially make a fortune. Just think how many people sign into Facebook every day and how much time they spend online. And it is only one platform out there.

Online, I mean 24/7/365. Your products can be seen and found by google anywhere in the world. And how much cheaper is it to advertise here than in local newspapers? And how many more potential customers can you get online in comparison with the papers. Do actually people buy newspapers or do they read online? Consider these two main factors.

It took me a long time to understand this substantial social change, me who prefers face-to-face interaction to the virtual one. However, as soon as I started learning and accepting the power of the Internet, my life has been changing. I'm on my way when I will be able to say I'm an entrepreneur. So far I have been studying online marketing from the position of an affiliate. I’ve been with this company called Six Figure Mentors. I've been learning all from scratch. How to create an ad, how to build my website, how to use email marketing. And the best thing is that I’ve been taking action during the learning process. SFM provides you not only with a guided training from a module to module but they offer their products, their business system, their marketing blueprint to be used. It means you actually have a real contact with online marketing. What you learn, you use, you put into practice.

They do not only tell you or show you, but they actually involve you in the process, so you will not only remember but you will understand!

At the top of it, you can have a chat with experienced mentors and coaches or you can meet them live in many online webinars, which are held regularly on daily basis. That's the difference between formal education and self-education. Choose what you want to learn, get involved into the process of learning and apply it to your business to make it stand out!

If what I said, makes sense to you, click HERE for a complimentary video series. My six figure mentor, Stuart Ross will open the curtain of online marketing for you. In a simple way, he will explain, how to take your business to the next level.

If you are ready to test the program, to experience it yourself without any risk email me or connect with me on FB/ LinkedIn for a 14-day free trial.

Of course, I'm here for more support, motivation, advice, help, chat.

With love


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