A Woman´s Journey Towards Happiness

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“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”.

Hello, my name is Jennifer Trimble and today I will tell you a story: 

The story about the life of a woman who wanted to find herself, a woman who had a difficult life since she was a child and now, she could see the negative influence in herself. She wanted to be free from this, be more confident, have better self-esteem, find a healthy relationship, trust in her own decisions and find meaning in her life. 

Today you will find out about her journey towards happiness.

Her name; Vanessa.

It is important to note that Vanessa is not just one woman, Vanessa is the compilation of hundreds of women between the ages of 35 to 55 all around the world whom I got to know very deeply as their life coach.

Incredible souls who had no idea they were amazing.

When I speak about Vanessa in my heart, I know she is those women who inspired me to share an important message: You can be happier.


Usually, someone’s conception is supposed to be something that is full of happiness and excitement but not in this case. Vanessa’s parents weren’t exactly a lovable couple. They didn’t want to have a child, so since she was in the whom Vanessa could feel this rejection towards her.

She was born and left by herself for long periods of time and as an emotional being, like we all are, that made her feel abandoned, rejected and unworthy of love.

Vanessa is in my opinion, like one of those magical people who have so much potential yet they haven’t been using their amazing talents and gifts. Because of this, she bought the idea of her being weak although she was and is incredibly strong.


As a teenager, she was bullied by people at school and she felt no real support from her teachers or parents.

As soon as she could, she got a job and was great at it, she pushed herself so she could be validated by someone. Back at home, she didn´t get much of that. Eventually, she moved out and kept working hard.

She ended up earning good money and really grew in her career, bought her own house and so on. An amazing woman.

Still, she felt like a failure, as if though she had a hole in her soul, she felt there was no meaning for her existence. She was working so that someone else could have that sense of achievement, but that was it, no higher purpose.


She had also been involved only in unhealthy relationships. The partners she used to choose usually abused her mentally and, in some cases, physically too, she began to think that there had to be something wrong with her.

She just didn´t know that because she was so used to being treated with lack of love and compassion since she was a little girl, she attracted people with the characteristics, she found in those who raised her and surrounded her when she was a little girl. It was unconsciously just a natural thing to do.

She wanted to stop that destructive pattern, find a job that she truly loved and literally see that her life could have a bigger and positive impact over others.

She was a hard worker so she sort of knew that she could do it but she would need guidance, support, compassion, and trust in herself… How the hell would she get that?

All the big leaders mention that the mindset is the most important thing for success, so she went to see different people; psychics, counselors, psychologists, and everyone helped, some more than others. She began to read books that helped her too, but there was still something there.


One day she heard from a friend about a Life Coach called Jennifer and went to see her.

She had no idea what to expect, still, she thought there was nothing to lose and maybe this woman could help her, so she booked an appointment with her called “Getting Started”.

The day came and she met her and the first thing that happened was that she received a heartfelt greeting and a big warm smile, that felt good.

They got comfortable and after some quick questions Jenny asked Vanessa to lay down so she could scan her; it was something that looked like Reiki.

Lying down felt good, she was tired so being pampered was a wonderful thing for her, especially because it didn’t happen very often.

Jennifer started to talk about some personal things happening in Vanessa´s life and that´s when Vanessa remembered that her friend told her something about Jennifer being psychic. It was very interesting to meet someone for the first time and somehow feel that she knew you more than you thought she did.

After more less 15 minutes of that, they sat down and Vanessa talked about her present life, childhood, parents, relationships and other subjects. She found it funny how Jennifer was getting excited about her life although some parts didn´t sound fun at all.

After talking and answering some specific questions, Jennifer explained to her that there were many different options to help her, that was why she was so excited, and she could offer her a7 session Program specifically designed for her.

Vanessa started to get excited just by hearing Jennifer say and explain why those things could work for her so she chose the “Transformational Program” that Jennifer recommended her.


Something wonderful happened, finally, she started to gain hope. That appointment finished with a guided meditation that made her feel ready for a change.

I’d like to make a small parenthesis; our first home is our first school.

•      Where we first interact with other people

•      We feel if we are worthy or not

•      We give interpretations and definitions to things and people.

Getting back to Vanessa´s story;

Two weeks later, Vanessa got to her first session of the “Transformation Program”.

O boy, she cleared her mum, it was intense and at the same time it made her feel like she could finally open her wings, she had made a closure with her past in regards her mother. Her mother’s negative influence was resolved. She got to cut the cords that used to connect them in a negative way.

Vanessa had now seen her mother with a unique and different perspective. As a child, her mother was what she believed a woman should be like, that was the first woman she met.

After clearing her, she gained the freedom of being the type of woman she really is. A new adventure began; discovering her true self.

That session also finished with a guided meditation that helped her have a new definition of what a mother is and integrate everything they did in that session.

In further sessions, she also cleared other people who influenced her in a negative way and many different overwhelming emotions. If she felt like staying home, she booked for long distance sessions so she could keep up with the program´s flow. It surprised her how it really felt kind of the same.


She felt deeply healed and transformed. For years those people, beliefs, and emotions had been like a ghost that had been bullying her unconscious mind and now, after a couple of sessions, they were gone.

Confronting for a brief moment some specific moments in her life let her know she had a voice.

It was scary at the beginning and empowering in the end, she made it. She stopped feeling afraid.

1.     Regarding relationships, her unconscious mind was now ready to choose someone worthy of her love and trust.

2.     People began to tell her that she looked different and she knew she was different too; she could feel it in her core.

3.     Her perception of herself and the people in her life had changed already.

4.     Here self-esteem and confidence were much better.

5.     She learned a quick meditation she could apply anytime anywhere.

6.     She also learned how to expand her energy to set boundaries that helped her feel safe and protected.

7.     Vanessa cleared negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, guilt, embarrassment and hurt. 

These emotions felt very heavy in her soul, they were born a long time ago and in traumatic moments of her life so receiving the resources to let them go made her feel incredibly light.

For Jennifer, it was wonderful to witness this amazing woman grow, evolve and discover her true self.

Vanessa was definitely happier and better yet, she knew she deserved to be happier.


Next Step; meaning.

The Universe works in very interesting ways…

Vanessa wanted to have a big impact on people all around the world, she wanted women specifically, to feel better, she knew what it felt like to feel worthless. She also knew that this happened all around the world.

How could she do it? She would need guidance, lots of support, knowledge, courage, compassion and probably a change in mindset… How the hell would she do that?

She knew that to touch people´s souls all around the world she would need the internet. If there is something that is connecting us, humans, all around, it’s the online world and apparently, online business tend to be very successful.

But who or what should she choose? What if it was too techy or complicated? Or maybe too cold or without people supporting her? The simple thought of that scared her. What would others think about her?

She almost felt like running away and throwing the idea as far as possible, but her work was a constant reminder of a life without meaning…

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change”, she remembered, that quote from Wayne Dyer had stuck in her head.

"What would happen if I had no fear? What would happen if my higher purpose to help others was bigger than my fears? How would I feel then? How would the law of attraction help me?" She asked herself.


Vanessa shared this with Jennifer and one of those funny coincidences happened; Jennifer already had an online business and was doing good.

It consisted of recommending women who wanted to learn how to create an online business, the educational company who taught her and kept teaching her how to succeed in the online world. For this, she would get a commission but most importantly, she was actually helping women all around the world!

Vanessa trusted Jennifer, so she received from her the free videos that the educational company offered so she could have a better understanding of what an online business was. Vanessa realized that she would be supported with compassion by Jenny and the whole community of the Six Figure Mentors.

She would have to work hard on it and figure out how to make time to do the things she needed to do in order to replace her income.

Quitting her actual job once she could replace that income was a great goal. She took that leap of faith, overcame fears and succeeded.

She followed all the steps in the five modules, took part in the different webinars, workshops, momentum days… Made wonderful friendships with amazing people who were truly happy for her growth and success. Friendships where both sides supported each other.

Her life was undeniably different, starting with the people in it and her mindset.

The best of it is that she wakes up with the light of the sun shining over her smile. She has now become the owner of her time, the creator of her life. She helps and inspires women all around the world and thanks to her financial freedom and type of business, she also travels all around the world.

People ask me; why do you do what you do?

I remind them, I empower women all around the world to tune in their inner wisdom so they can rediscover who they truly are. That is fulfilling.


Now I ask you:

Do you wish to be happier?

Do you wish to transform your life and feel free from overwhelming emotions?

Do you wish to be treated with compassion and respect?

Is your desire to find meaning in your life?

Would you like to help others?

Have you got a cell-phone?

Do you use the internet?

Do you have an email account?

Do you use YouTube or Facebook from time to time?

Do you have a laptop?

Would you like to have a whole community supporting you so you can feel safe in developing a business that you love?

Would you like to have a step-by-step education system, supported with amazing business coaches that guide you through your journey?

Would you like to grow as a person and see your business grow with you?

Do you wish to discover talents you had no idea you had and embrace the possibilities of shining even more?

I answered yes to all of those questions and I have met many who have answered yes too, and their desires became their reality too.

If you wish to have a quick chat with me, click HERE.

If you wish to receive free videos to learn how to create a business that you love, click HERE and write down your name and email to receive them. 

Like Dan Zadra said:

“You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all.”

Thank you


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