What's The Purpose Of Affirmations?

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Learning how to talk to ourselves in a constructive way… This is how I define the affirmation process.

It is a process that take some time in order to incorporate new beliefs in our “operating system”. This operating system doesn’t filter what could be possible, rejecting what might sound impossible.

This learning process has some challenges:

What's The Purpose Of Affirmations?

1)      If we’re expecting it to transform our lives overnight, this won’t happen. We build up certain beliefs for so long. Some beliefs are deeply rooted and we operate in autopilot most of the time thanks to these automatic behaviors.

2)      In the process of transformation, and because we might not see changes in your world around you right away, we will have our rational mind trying to talk us out of practicing affirmations. Our mind will tell us that we’re fooling ourselves, that we’re aiming too high, that we’ll be disappointed like many times before. Let it talk… the affirmation process is directed to the subconscious that doesn’t differentiate if our senses are living a real experience or an imaginary mind creation. That rational voice tries to interfere, but we’re not trying to influence it, what our mouth says is directed to our subconscious mind so let’s allow our thoughts run and our frustration to be there while we’re talking to the depth or our inner brain.

3)      Because of that voice, sometimes we are not in the mood of saying our affirmations, and most of all because affirmations have to be said in present tense.  That inner voice is pointing out that the reality around us doesn’t reflect what we’re saying. Actions are also affirmations. Thoughts are also affirmations and other people’s opinion as well, if we give sanction to what they say.

Now, the point is… since an affirmation is telling to ourselves how we want things to be in the future, but in the present tense (as if they were already happening), that little voice that pretends to be us, doesn’t need to be fought. The more we fight it, the more we make it real. So, allow it to be… Let’s allow it to be there where it is.

I am in the process of big change. I’m burning some bridges behind me, pushing myself to grow and embracing some risks.

I once heard that if you want to change, you’ll need to change your thoughts. Then I wonder how in the heck am I going to change my thoughts if not deliberately imprinting new ones?

Please, choose a goal, a lifestyle, and tell yourself what you feel, what you are and what you possess in that lifestyle. Not just once, but every day. Go to sleep with those thoughts, wake up with those thoughts.

Ciao… talk to you later.


Inspired by:   My own experience through online marketing training.

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