After Lockdown, will you embrace this new digital era?

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This coronavirus outbreak has obliged us to be in lockdown confinement in order to prevent the spread of the disease. For many people, it has been 3 weeks and for others, like us in Spain, almost a month. 

How do you spend all this time? Watching Netflix, reading, cooking, playing with your kids, being active on social media, etc.... or are you using this precious time to learn new skills online.

I have to admit that for many years I was slow in recognising all the changes in the traditional economy.  But, that said, it is never too late to learn and some months back I finally embraced this digital age and started my online education. 


Are you ready to embrace this new digital era?

We are living in the Digital Era!!
Recently I seem to be hearing the term “work-life balance” all the time.

Perhaps I am just so much more aware of the importance of that balance.

Work is such an important part of our lives, it is hardly surprising that “happiness-at-work” is a big part of the discussion.

The impact of digital technologies in our workplace is a fundamental reason why we are redefining our concept of income and our notion of work/life balance.

Today’s workforce is more independent, entrepreneurial and willing to work from anywhere, especially if it means they can integrate it with their family life. 

Although it is initially a disruption, many industries are shifting to the digital platform and as a result, have kicked the door wide open for a new market place. In the coming years, millions of workers will see their jobs change as a result of digital transformation and artificial intelligence technologies. While AI will create new jobs, the positions will require a different set of skills.

So anyone with the right skills, attitude and a good internet connection can work from anywhere they desire and will fit into this new digital era perfectly.


As a result of this digital transformation, a new breed of online freelancer has emerged.  From software development to skill support, to coaching and teaching and to writing and translating.

Simply put, many of us are faced with a huge dilemma, carry on with the traditional model or learn the skills to adapt to the ever-growing and ever-changing digital landscape.

In this digital world, more and more buying is done online.  So you too could be a part of it, by selling products and services from the comfort of your own home. Learning about online marketing is a skill that will make you more versatile and adapt to the ever-changing market trends.

After the last global economic recession in 2007, I returned to my traditional 9 to 5 job in sales, accepting a few salary and commission pay cuts for 2 years in order to survive. Then, as the economy improved, we returned to a relatively normal and stable market. Yet at that time, I was made aware of a shift that was taking place. But for ease, convenience and laziness I decided to ignore the signs. 

As I was hopping from paycheck to paycheck, from one argument to the next, I became increasingly disillusioned and unfulfilled with my work, but still carried on exchanging time for money. I had definitely missed my chance to enter this new digital era, or so I believed.

Turning 50 was no easy task for me, time became an issue, and the thought of repeating this same work routine until retirement didn’t fill me with joy. It's also a time of life where your chances of being employed are drastically reduced. That was my wake up call...


Turning 50, embracing this new digital era...
The search was on, I had to do something!!  I decided to invest in myself and entered my name and email address in order to receive a series of free videos that would set me on the path to starting my own online business. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  This was a year ago and in parallel with my day job I was able to create my website with WordPress, build my list of subscribers, set up an autoresponder with Aweber, start my online marketing on different platforms and discover the many paths that the digital economy has to offer.  I have woken up.. And the day dawns bright!

So what will you do after this lockdown?
Life as we knew it will not be returning back anytime soon! All the old models will shift... They have already.  Economic, health, education and technology are changing so fast.

This huge coronavirus disruption will force us to look for new alternatives and solutions. Many can carry on working from home, but the vast majority of people have temporarily lost their job.  Maybe, as I once was, you are looking for a solution, for a way out and a new start.

I believe this opens up new opportunities. And maybe some of you can see it! And others won’t? Or maybe this is not the right time to invest in yourself?

So my question to you is this...  5 to 10 years from now when you reflect on this difficult time, will you be the one that has taken action and control to find new solutions for you and your family's future?

If you are that person you can learn more here

Take care, and most importantly, stay safe.

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