Am I old for a change ?

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‘ Am I old for a change ?’ I have asked myself today.

I have looked at myself in a mirror : still beautiful woman, full of energy and full of happiness lady. 40 years old, married to a great guy, two great kids around her. Mostly satisfied of here life and work, however finding too often that time is passing so quickly and she does not have time to live properly. Live on a daily basis, breath deeper and enjoy the moment as there is a constant flow of meetings, work she needs to attend. Daily rush.

Yes, let's face it -  I am getting tired of corporate lifestyle and looking for a change, where life can go slower, I can be more relaxed and I can work from home and during the hours when kids are at school.

‘What a brilliant idea’  - I think loudly - ‘but am I not too old for this change ?

What does OLD mean then ? Is it age ? Wrinkled face ? .... 

Being OLD or YOUNG is a state of your heart. A state of your eyes and state of mind. Your body is only a reflection of it. And your face expression is a reflection of your state that you hold in your heart.

You are young. You are vibrant and NOW is always a perfect time and moment for a change. Change brings amazing opportunity to grow, to expand, to do some inspiring and lovely things in your life for yourself and others.

There is never too late for anything in your life. Never ! There is always perfect moment. Always ! Why  ? - because only NOW exist. Only a moment here and now. 

This moment here and now is perfect for trying something new. Perfect time to start to listen to yourself.  It might starts as a little, tinny voice in you, but if you cherish it and feed it with positive fuel it will get bigger and louder. That is a process. So easy and simple.

So let me ask again - am I old for a change ?  Are you ? What do you think? Share please ? Let’s look for some answers together.

Wishes, Aleks 

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