An easy decision?


Hi Accented Family.

Once again I find myself at the junction of whether it's a reasonable idea to sleep in my car again or not. This came about when my job had a hiccup with my paycheck. There's nothing in my account and I still have to pay the rent, gas bill, electricity bill groceries and gas for my car. I even had to take the money I initially invested in my business out. Maybe I'll get evicted? I doubt it, but it's the 2nd time this is happening. I have fond memories of sleeping in my car, though. I actually will save a ton of money by sleeping in my car. Why do I have to think about worrying where my next penny is coming from when I can simply save by sleeping in my car. Come to think of it, I can actually sleep at my boss' place. I was offered last week to go there, but for now I have to focus on getting my two weeks worth of a paycheck and pay my bills. Who knows. Maybe I might sleep in my boss' basement. Less rent, more pay. Its a win win!!! In the past I'd be anxiety-filled and panick ridden. With my goal firmly in tact, these things just seem like another one of those petty issues that just needs to be crossed and then I can more speedily get to that winning goal.

I'd like to encourage you to hopefully find strength and wisdom to take your situation and brainstorm ideas on how to better your situation even when all odds are against you. 

Until next time.

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That's all! Until next time, keep smiling The Accented Guy Quinnie.

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