Another Ideal Day

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And The Day Begins

I wake up and I am present. I listen and feel what my next inspiration is.
It doesn’t come right away... and that's okay. I lay there. I notice my surroundings. My beautiful window has sun pouring through it casting glorious golden rays across the room. I am struck by my sense of wonder... like seeing it for the first time. I play a game .... what would it be like to not have language and see everything from that place. My king sized bed with the snow white comforter is lightly kissig my skin.  It's barely needed but welcome nonetheless.  Not too heavy but comforting. At night it is nice to feel like I'm in a cocoon, safe, warm..

The inspiration comes. Meditate

I get up I move to my comfy chair.. the chair I know supports and comforts me. It is down filled and the material is soft and comforting as well. I choose a guided meditation. It starts with a gong... the kind you’d hear in a Buddhas temple. Three gongs and the voice begins. He’s English.
I like the sound of his voice. It’s comforting. He guides me through a full body meditation ending with those amazing gongs again.

Inspiration again. Gym time

I open my eyes and rise.  I get my workout clothes on and head to the gym.
After my workout I come home shower and prepare a wonderful healthy breakfast , grab a coffee and go back to my comfy chair to journal. The journaling grounds me. It is a wonderful thing to reflect and let go of the unecessary to make way for cooperative components.

Inspiration returns. Work.

I am in the most present and inspired space to make the calls and add to my website... the best thoughts come to me. Everything is flowing. I get stumped and I reach out for help. There is always help. The universe conspires to support me because me #1 priority is to stay on the right frequency so I can hear and receive what I need. The ability to connect with the wants and desires of others comes to me. I feel plugged in. I know I am ONE with others.
As I begin my work I am inspired, as I do my work I am inspired and plugged in, as I finish my work I am complete.
I have been at work for 2 hrs but it feels like 20 mins. So much has been done.

Coffee and Connection time

I get ready to go join a girlfriend for coffee and meet a potential new tapping client. I am so happy to have the freedom to still work one on one with people. I find myself in the clients I work with. Their struggles are mine and are mirrored to me in their pain. It tells me where I can still work on me.
I head to the spa for a 2 hr pamper me treat. A massage, facial, pedicure, mud bath, hot rock treatment.. I don’t even know the names but it doesn’t matter because it all feels amazing. I leave there feeling like a princess, and all sparkly.

Travel plans to be made 

I call my girlfriend Gail in Toronto and we plan a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. We’ll stay at the Wynn because they have a wonderful pool and we just want to lay poolside and catch up in person.
I also call my daughter and work out when she can fly home for a couple days. I book that as well.
I head back home to catch up on some more work emails and add more content as well as upload a new blog entry I’ve been formulating in my head.
I watch a couple training videos, listen to a new Byron Katie you tube video I haven’t seen. It reminds me, she has a course , 9 day school for the work coming up in a couple months. I know Gail really wants to go so I register us for the course. It will be her birthday present. What are friends for?
I notice the time. Heading out for dinner at a new steak house downtown. My favourite guy is coming to get me at 6. It's fancy and I’ve got the perfect new dress for the occasion. It's a night to celebrate another stellar month of revenue.

Night out with my favorite guy

My phone alerts me to his text. He’s waiting out front. I grab my purse, throw on my shoes and jacket and open the door. "Hello Sweetheart", I coo demurily. "Hi Mom" laughs my 25 year old son Alexander looking very handsome in jeans and a white cotton shirt with a black sports jacket. It still is hard to believe he's my son.  I feel far to young to have a 25 yr old son.  Our relationship is the best.  He convinces me to watch all the most dramatic and gruesome Netflix series, which, I end up completely addicted to.  I convince him to join his mother out for dinner once a month on me!!  He lives close by and is generally with his girlfriend.  Except of course, for date night with his mom. We head to our local Cactus Club. We are always guaranteed a great meal and Alexander likes to check in on his old work roots.  It's a reminder of how far he's come, managing a North American sales company. 
We enjoy a wonderful night talking and laughing. Sharing the latest and greatest of our lives. It gets late and he has an early morning so we agree to call it a night. 

We decide to meet in the morning for an early morning run along the sea wall. He'll see if his girlfriend will join us. I give him a big hug goodnight and watch as he pulls away respectfully in his Porche 911  

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