Be your own lifecoach!

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Being interested in self-improvement, or as I say SELFEMPOWERING, I dig around a lot on the internet. I find all kinds of e-courses, webinars, books, FB groups and Instagram accounts on how to become a life coach. Most of the times it's all about how we are going to coach others. I read any thing I can get my hands on! One day I was thinking about this concept and realized: Maybe we should focus on being our own life coach? Getting our stuff together?

One day I was thinking about this concept and realized: Maybe we should focus on being our own life coach? Getting our stuff together?

Life´s a rollercoaster and before we know it, it´s Monday again. I once heard a mama. She taught her child the weekdays. 

"Listen baby....dońt you be fooled what you learn in school! They tell you that there are 7 days in a week. I tell you...there are 4 days in a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.....Monday!!!!

In some ways she is right! The weekend is over before you know it and all the things you wanted to do, never had a chance!

So plan your own life, often gets left behind and a coach is highly needed when it's almost too late!

I have several Diplomas and Degrees as a Coach and I know, every time I go to a class, I reveal something hidden within me and yet another piece is added to my life puzzle. It´s fantastic!

So if you want to be your own life coach, not a life coach to serve others. But to serve you? Wouldn't that be cool?

Let me give you a head start. Let me help you put on the oxygen mask on you first before you help anyone else. Just like the stewards show right before take off when you fly.

1. Give your brain some space

In order for you to get some kind of change, you have to have room to make changes. You need to create some kind of space in your brain. 

Cut out the noise, soothe the impressions racing to your brain. 

When life gets too busy and you race down the highway, how are you going to make any changes?

If the training is going 100 Miles an hour and it has to reverse, the train needs to STOP before it can reverse.

THAT is what you need to do in order to make changes in your life: STOP! 

But we both know that to STOP in everyday life normally means ending up with the flu for a week! 

Not what I intend to do. 

But there are easy steps to take in your day to day life that you can do to create space and quietness in your brain.

And if you are trying to argue with me that "I dońt know your life and how you are living" let me tell you: 


If you want to make a change. You will. An excuse is only a way out if you fail trying!

Having three children, one with special needs, a husband, a full-time job, a part time job, a dog, a house, my hobby, many friends I like to hang out with and a burning passion for coaching, I know the challenge to find MY time to create space in my brain for new experiences and lessons in life. But also the chance to slow down and acknowledge what I have to do different in my life, in order to feel good. So I found some easy ways that work for me:

1. I take 1-hour walk with the dog every morning. The first 30 minutes I spend breathing. Yes, focused on breathing from my abdominal. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Nothing else matters.

It is like a meditation. But since I don't have the time to sit down and meditate, this is my POWER OF HOUR!! No music in my ear, no webinar or youtube. When I am done breathing and slowed down the activity in my brain I am much more clear on what I want to focus on during the day.

2. Do you always have the radio on when you are driving? Turn if off! This is a perfect time to create space in your brain and to focus on what is important to you. I normally let my mind wander and try to focus on what is going on in my inner dialog. Is it positiv or negativ? Any person reaccuring in my mind? Anything I have to deal with? I get a lot of answers driving. I solve problems too, even though I, at the time, don´t know I am solving a problem :) 

3. How do you spend your lunchbreak? Always sittning with your co-workers? Never alone? Try to excuse your self when done eating. Take a walk. Focus on your breathing. It is enough to take a walk for 15 minutes. You would be surprised how much you better and relaxed you feel when you take the opportuny to spend some time by yourself. 

2. Organize your life

If you ever wanna be able to be your own life coach, you need to have a tool where you can organzie what´s going on in your mind. If you are anything like me, you probably have a million things going in in your head as well as outside your head. In order to know where to begin, you need to clarify it to yourself. 

It would be easy to tell you to get a notebook. Have a pen and paper near you to write down what´s going on. But we both know what´s gonna happen: That paper and pen will be long gone when you finally need it. Do you have an iPad or a phone that you always carry with you? I always have my Ipad. My Ipad is my best friend, it is my blanket, my life! I have everything on them AND secured in the icloud, in case an accident would occur :)

I found a tool that has made my life much easier. I am sure that there are other just as good, but this is the one that appealed to me. It is called OneNote.

You can find it on

What I love the most about this tool is that I can access it from any computer or device. Everything I write instantly saves and I have to consciously delete documents. So I never have to worry if I forgot to save or not. It is like a digital notebook that you can categorize every area of your life: work and family, hobbies, projects, your thoughts. I make to-do lists on it, grocery list, I even write my diary on it or things I want to remember! Every meeting that I attend, I make notes and I always have access to it. On my phone, computer or iPad.

You migth not be a lifecoach by creating space in your brain or download OneNote but you will for sure get your self a good start. You will be able to create a map of where you going.

Making a change in your life requires that you KNOW what you want to change and WHERE you want to go. That is impossible if you don´t have a map and a GPS.

I hope these tip will inspire you to start taking your first steps towards a new future or at least some new thoughts.

Let me know if this blog helped you in any way! 

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