Being Receptive of Nature


A Rare summer solstice ? Moon and Sun here for us to receptive of at the same time.

This happens every  70 years so the likelihood of us seeing another one is very slim. The day was cloudy  and very windy here in the Muskoka's in Ontario Canada. Somehow we bypassed the big thunder boomers and storms around us that had been predicted. We had large drops of rain for about 5 minutes only.

The wind continued to have lawn chairs and pads  dance right off some of the decks, it was wild.  The lake waters were churning. We rearranged our flowers and plants so they wouldn't go flying over the deck. 

The sky cleared and we had a beautiful clear night for pictures of the sun and moon shinning at the same time.

Many of our friends  got sun and moon together in pictures.

At our elevation we saw only the moon and the light on the water made it glisten and dance as it was so beautiful and peaceful.

The brightness of the evening was remarkable as we had 15 hours of  daylight today.

Taking time to observe this magic of creation certainly makes us aware of the magnificence  of our creators  ability.

SUCH BEAUTY. We are so thankful we are receptive of our surroundings and have nature as part of our daily lives.

Nature gives such peace and tranquility and clears our minds of any ill thoughts to prepare our minds for the wonderful future ahead of us.

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