Being Receptive to Others

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Having a hard time accepting ideas from someone else ?

We sometimes seem to think that the way we do it is the correct and only way it should be done and that's the way we have always done it.

There is alot for us to learn from others if we are receptive to listening and actually taking some of these thoughts and ideas and putting them to good use.

I have through my life worked with a lot of different people in different careers. Some of the old timers that I worked with were so set in their ways that they only did things the way they always did them, and were not receptive to new ways and Ideas.

When I worked in my first career as a civil design draftsman we were always looking for ways to improve on and old design, especially the younger ones of us.

The guys that had been there for umpteen years were very set in their ways and were not receptive to new ways, we really had to work to get our ideas across. 

Some of the old ways were good and worthwhile doing it the old way. So we eventually blended some old ways with new ones and kept everone happy "somewhat".

We have since started a new way of learning and because of the digital economy that is here now we have decided to start an on line business. 

We found the best teaches we could find and attached to them was an awesome community of people from around the world helping each other to create their dream business.

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