Building our Super Freedom Lifestyle

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My name is Jolanda, I’m 51 years old and experiencing exciting times at the moment, with great opportunities. Ruud, my husband, and I are building a new lifestyle. Our Super Freedom Lifestyle. A life, based on the freedom of where and when to work and where and when to live.

How? We discovered de SFM, an educational platform, and they are helping us to become Affiliate Marketers so that we can live our laptop lifestyle. Only a laptop and wifi is needed to work. No commuting. No long working days. Unless we want to. How great is it to work when you feel the inspiration to create something and lost in time one day. And go for a long biking-ride the other day when you feel like it.

Why? I was looking for a better way to live our life. Don’t get me wrong, we are blessed with a good life already and are grateful for that. A nice house, nice and healthy kids and enough money to enjoy life. Only Ruud don't have much time to enjoy it. 12 hours working and commuting days when he was lucky with the traffic. Longer days were no exception. And at the same time, I didn’t want to wait till retirement to have more time to travel and live life as it comes. Easy, in the flow. Going with your inspiration.

New Job? Less stress? How? One day, Ruud and I were brainstorming on what we good do to change our situation. Ruud had health problems for over a year related to the stress of his work, so something had to be changed. But another job in the IT-business would probably give the same stress, so that was no solution.

Yes, a solution! Suddenly I thought about Stuart Ross on his Pedalo. Stuart lives the laptop lifestyle and is one of the mentors at SFM. I checked out his company a few years earlier to see if I maybe could start for myself, but I thought my computer skills weren't good enough. But with Ruud on my side, it is a great opportunity. And that’s what Ruud thought also when I showed him SFM.

We dived in our new life, within days. This is the solution of our problem. Now, about 5 weeks later and many hours of study and work, we are so driven and inspired. And it turns out that we are a great match in business as we already knew we were in life.

Great inspiration. All pieces are falling into place. Last 4 years I studied Law of Attraction intense. I have a great passion for changing my reality by changing my thoughts. Turns out that SFM works with similar principles and is based on changing your whole life. They help you to build your new life on solid grounds.

So, we meditate every day. We develop ourselves and learn how to focus on our goals. And working on a business plan based on our skills and passions is another powerful tool.

Passion. And now that we are busy a while with our new life and the possibilities, there is and other passion born. We are so grateful for this opportunity that we would like everyone to tell about it. We were looking for a solution and now we've found one. So much people are looking for a solution without knowing that this exists. That's a reason for writing these blogs. Ruud is writing blogs from his view of our life, the mail-vision.

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