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Give your business a “face“!

Do you believe nice websites, advertisement and brand logos are for big companies only? Wrong, it has never been easier to promote yourself as an individual on todays digital market. The programs and apps that has evolved makes it possible to promote small businesses successfully and with style. So, what does it take to give your business a “face”?

Choose a name?

When naming your brand, it is important that it represents your values and service in one. Buyers of today want to feel your spirit and your picture of the world. It is no longer about just buying a product or service; the market is overflowed with things to buy. People want to share your values and feel connected thru what you offer. So, when buying from you they are also buying a dream or a vision. Let all about your business show this vision.


After picking a name for your brand (check with existing names and domains available before deciding) you should create a logo. There are many programs and apps you can download to create a logo that represents your vision the best. To register as a trademark or not is up to you, think thru your future goals. Are you providing a product and service that could grow into something big, then maybe protecting your brand name isn’t such a bad idea? If you on the other hand feel it is a short-term business the cost of registering may not be worth it. Use your logo everywhere from now on, let it represent your business in ads, on webs or blogs…


Web page without coding

You don’t need to spend allot of cash and the need of expertise like coding websites isn’t necessary. By using drag and drop tools from ready made building blocks you can create a beautiful webpage for your business in a short period of time. These programs often provide the possibility to connect e-commerce and offers support when needed. This way you will spend a minimum of cash to get you visible out there on the web. Connect a domain with a catchy name and go for it…


Social Media

To use social media as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or twitter gives you the opportunity to meet with your customers direct. It is also a tool for both organic or paid advertisement. You can use it to show what your brand is all about and make yourself some loyal followers. It is also a way of sending traffic to your website. Which social media resonates the best with you? Video or pictures, more text, think it thru and choose from there.


So, congratulations, now your brand has a face, the next step is to decide for a marketing strategy, follow me for my next article where I will discuss the why´s and the who’s…


Lucia Svoboda  Publisher

Myzenmarket A Digital Brand Agency


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