Chess moves!!

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So this entire online marketing, blogging, and starting my own online business this is new to me. I read other blogs and listen to people say you need to provide value to readers. So I can either write, do vlogs on youtube or be an icon on social media. 

Truth is I have't sold anything. I don't have a product. I have absolutely no experience in this thing. So how can I begin to tell you anything you need to know on how to be successful online when I don't have a clue myself. 

There are so many different opinions on how all this should be done. To me, for me to provide you value or be able to help you to succeed online I would need some knowledge of what I am doing. Now don't get me wrong, this entire thing fascinates me. I find it very interesting. 

So I have decided that I need to start my own web page and work on it as well while I learn how to do this. It can be a bit overwhelming at times. But it is wild to watch social media work. I placed an ad on Facebook the other day. My 1st ad. I actually thought it was my 2nd but it turns out it was only my first. 

So I place and ad on Facebook and I boost it. It is wild how you can watch every impression, every click, every like and then see everyone that went to look at the product. Now I have had quite a bit of traffic to it for my first ad, but but, so far, not any sales. Not sure if it's a badly written ad or just not the right market. Either way it has been interesting to see the potential of what is really out there in the online marketing. 

Now as for my 2nd ad, which started today, it's the one I thought was my actually my first ad. I did a Bing ad for a different product like 2 days before the Facebook ad. I have never done any ads before, much less an ad like this. But I made I it through all of the set up. It's not complicated. Just like anything else you have to jump in and do it. I did some homework and found some keywords for making my ad. I then wrote out my ad, which was a lot longer than they allow for characters. So on the fly I made it up to fit (probably not the best idea). But anyways I ran this ad. Well last night I found out I never enababled the ad to run so it has just been sitting there. 

Now trust me I didnt just post this ad and never go back and look. I probably look a lot more than I should. But I just thought I wasn't getting any clicks or impressions because I didn't know what I was doing. Turns out that was true, but not for the reason I thought! I figured my ad was bad. It still may be bad but now that it is turned on peple are at least seeing it, and that is pretty exciting!!

All I can say to you is this. Here I am, I don't have anything to blog about to teach anyone at this point, so all I can do is share my stories from my life good or bad. Until I can really tell you and teach how it all really works. Right now I read all these other blogs and it feels like everyone has all the answers but I am not there yet. I will get there. So please subscribe and I will let you know how it goes. And I will teach you what I learn along the way and you can learn from my growing pains. 

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