Creative Content - What do you mean by that?

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Creative Content - What do you mean by that?...

     We are often bombarded with words that come to us, fly by us, or dart here and there, and what we say, read or hear, can have quite an impact on our own or some-one else’s day, good or bad, with or without intention. Certain things we hear or read can resonate with us and, if we are receptive on an “I want to change my life” level, can even stop us in our tracks. A lot of the time it can seem even subliminal, without our awareness, and different people react in many ways to the same statement.

     In general conversation, “So, what do you mean by that...?” takes on many guises. Some may take offence, and presume that you are surprised by or disagree with something they said; Others may think that you want more information, and that you want them to continue and proceed to expand on their subject matter! In the world of the mobile phone, so many times today, quick texting is misconstrued. Reading text messages is not like reading a book or novel where the author has immersed specific feelings into the script to bring you into their story on an emotional level. If something stirs within you, the author does'nt then proceed, reacting to your sadness or surprise. Texting is instant; it is what it is (or so it appears); and the reactions follow often misunderstood.

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     Movies have been made over time, about some of the most poignant, beautiful love letters written to soldiers overseas, during the first and second World Wars, so inspiring and filled with emotion. They gave the soldiers hope and a profound reason to keep going in their, otherwise horrific, world. These words often drove them well beyond what they thought they were capable of, believing that these whisperings from a loved one would also bring them home again.

     I try and live by the T.H.I.N.K. rule before I speak (or write) – Is it (T)rue? Is it (H)elpful? Is it (I)nspiring? Is it (N)ecessary? Is it (K)ind? If I still need to say something, then I re-phrase it so that it is all, or most of, the above. Some time ago, when coaching ‘up and coming’ junior inline hockey players, we created our own ‘2 + 1’ style of tackling players who hadn’t grasped the drill. The coach would point out 2 positives first, then talk about the negative. With even the most unsuited but keen young player, when all else fails, we’d say something like: 1. Johnny, that’s great that you have your chin-strap done up, and 2. You did a good job tightening your laces today, buddy; Then +1. but, you can’t kick the puck – use your stick!! The last thing your words should do is bring someone’s spirit down.  


A picture paints a thousand words…

     I agree, and some say ‘Words are just words…’ I don’t think so. With our online access, we are flooded with reflective, insightful and inspirational words from many of our wisest, most passionate leaders, authors, song-writers and poets. With the greatest respect for painters and artists the world over, this creative content can paint a picture so powerful of a life worth living – a life of all things to all people. They may be just a few words but, when written with intent to inspire from the heart and deep within the soul, can take you to great heights, can enlighten and awaken, and the right few words for you, can shake you to the core!

     I have to admit, I am a collector of all things positive and inspiring, so much so that I have had to store them on a usb, or external hard-drive on my computer!! I may have to catalogue them soon, under genre, then author - I have so many. Now that you all know my weakness, I will (unashamedly) put it behind me and carry on! I have clicked through the many hundreds that I have, and cited a few favourites here, of the most thought-provoking quotes written to inspire, motivate and drive. I tend to take them apart, phrase by phrase, and then expand on my perception of those few words, which helps me remember and apply what caught my attention in the first place. You could, perhaps, include some that have truly resonated with you into your morning ritual or routine – repeat a few as daily affirmations, apply them in your life, in love, family or business, and add a couple more as you feel comfortable. Be consistent, and just 

Watch your life transform!!


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If you have any remarkable quotes that have actually impacted on your life in some way, please comment below and share your experience with others…


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