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Hi loves, it's me, Natalia,

Many know that since I can remember I felt that there was a bigger purpose in life for me!
I just didn't know what that exactly was! The last years I even slowly started to lose more of myself what ended up with me being more depressed and at the end, I just truly lost the person that I was!

Like many others, I searched online for answers and what I realized was that youtube and blogging were getting BIG! So, of course, I wanted a piece of this lifestyle, there was only ONE problem and that's what I didn't believe in myself! So I kept on living the way I was living!

Pass forward five years, I still felt the need to share my life lessons with other! In the years between I spend quite some time searching on the internet for a solution to my problems. Which were not only the fact I wanted to share my story and help others, but I also wanted to make a living with that? I wanted to stop working for a boss that didn't care about me. And the biggest thing I wanted was a lifestyle that made me happy.

This is when I found the amazing community I am in, its filled with people that are like-minded and want to live the lives they want. We are all part of an online educational program that helps us with everything we need to know, I call it leveraging the digital economy. 


It all started 6months ago, when I signed up for there SEVEN DAY VIDEO complimentary series and it felt like this was exactly what I was looking for! Still, I was very skeptical about it, as many of you may understand! It's after I spoken on Skype with a lovely member named Nicole Nagelgast "she is also from Holland" that I purchased myself a good working laptop and a credit card to start my digital lifestyle adventure!


I am not going to lie, the fact that I could stop my membership at any time and I even would get my money refunded if I stopped before 30 days, also gave me more confidence to try it! I now believe one hundred percent in this lifestyle and hope that I can inspire many others to start thinking about their opportunities because we truly have the power to change our lives! I want them to realize that each and every one of us can make all our dreams come true no matter our background! As long as we are dedicated to learn and put all our heart into it!

The reason I share this with you is that I believe all of us know there is more to life than just working and realizing the dreams of someone else. And the simple fact that this changed my life, I also hope it will change yours. 


I also made a video where I interviewed fellow Dutch members, to watch that video you can use this link.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you thought about it and I will see you soon!

May God bless you,

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