Determine your own success!

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In order to be where I am now, I had to change my mind. This story determines whether you are alright with where you are or may it be that there are some changes needed to be made. It's up to you if you want to join me in the same boat. How can we start to determine your own success? Why did I not change earlier on?

That’s a difficult question and there are more answers to that than just one. Let's dive into it together! First of all, I had some issues who were bogging me from the past and had to forgive certain people in my heart who hurt me.

This was a process in my life but once I got the wake-up call that this was one of the reason what was stopping me from getting what I want. I sat down and thought about all these people who hurt my feelings! I forgave them and when I was doing this, really doing this, something got shifted and I got a lift from this pressing matter.

I moved on digging deeper into myself and rediscovered myself. As a child, I had all this dreams and goals what I wanted to accomplish. What happened to this dreams?

Well they got tried out here and there, but every time something didn’t work out, so was my belief in me! I was the one myself who was destroying my own dreams and goals with my negative mindset and my disbelieve?

I thought why does this happen to me? Because as I child I believed in Sinterklaas ( Dutch Santa). I was fully convinced that he indeed existed, so why we believe in Santa and why we stopped? The gift of believing was taking away slowly, yet we all believed once? Right? We even gave milk and cookies and in Holland, our Sinterklaas is riding a horse and we give a carrot to the Horse and put that in our shoe in front of the chimney!

undefinedSo now we know that we are born with this gift we call believing, you can ask yourself why we stopped or why some of us stopped believing? The proof is right here that we all had the gift to believe! After that moment I took my pen and paper and listed literally all my dreams and goals again. It felt amazing and that was the start of my journey!

I knew I had to educate myself in order to improve my skill set! No way I will ever get more money if I don’t improve my skills. So in order to get more money to get the freedom I want to travel, I had to learn and grow my skills, so I joined this special group of people. So today I already changed my disbelieve and negative thoughts into positiveness because things what you feed get bigger so is negativity. Don’t let it happen to you and become a problem solver instead of a creator.

I really love people in general. There is so much wisdom in all of us. There is no way I know exactly the same stuff as you. No way! Really knowing and understanding this u could do the same as I did which is writing about my experiences to help others and shake them up a bit, so you will all start believing in yourself again.

There is a time for pleasure and leisure and there is a time for action. So don’t regret and just jump. In order to get something better, you have to try something new otherwise you will stand still and you will already know your life exactly how it will look like 5 years from now!

Do you actually know what the definition is from making excuses? The answer is: It is a well-planned lie in order to justify our behavior and not have that icky feeling called quilt. People making excuses all the time and I did and still do sometimes. It takes time to change your mindset but its well worth it!

I now am a less negative person. I greet the people every day. I talk and have a chat if I have to buy some petrol for example! I listen to other people’s stories with curiosity and honesty! I motivate and stimulate my daughter too. I already changed so much in a matter of only a couple of months.


If you had a giggle and if I inspired one person to change, then my mission is already accomplished!

Did you enjoy reading my article? I love to know. Well TTFN bless!


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