Driving Traffic Is The Key To Success

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Driving traffic is the key to the success of any online home business owner. That doesn't mean driving to work but driving traffic to your websites!

A driving traffic to your website article from Mark Ford, Home Business Lifestyle Coach.

undefinedOkay, so you have got your home business website up and running. You are excited because you are ready to trade.

However, just wait a minute shall we? What is your online marketing strategy because driving traffic to your website from that stretegy is the key to your success?

The traffic, the people, will not just arrive at your website because you have set up a website. It could be the most modern, singing and dancing website in the world, the one with the best design, look and feel but so what! Unless you are driving traffic, optimizing your online content and syndicating it your chances of getting traffic to your home business website, or any other website for that matter, are massively reduced.

The well known phrase is that traffic is the life blood of any online business and if you do not take the time to learn free or paid marketing strategies, then the content will sit there just like it had been stuck on a wall like paint to dry.

If you are new to building a home business you may not have any idea yet of what driving traffic is all about. Your own experience of this may be similar to what it used to be for me.

I have spent countless periods of time in my life commuting to and from a place of work in the past, just to get to the legal office to do my job and it was important that the roads were clear to enable employees to reach the work place on time. To be honest when the roads were busy this was unbearable and stressful and perhaps you can relate to this yourself, arriving at work totally stressed out from your journey.


What I did was to break free of this daily grind and develop a laptop lifestyle, a lifestyle where I build an online business from home on my laptop from wherever in the world my travels take me.


Mark Ford in Las Vegas - September 2016

Driving Traffic - Free or Paid

In the modern age driving traffic to websites is something that you can manage from your laptop or computer in the comfort of your own home whilst building your home lifestyle business.

However, even if you get the point that to have a sustainable online business you must drive traffic to your websites consistently, you may not have a marketing budget and you are creating a limiting belief that you cannot do this without a budget.

undefinedSure, there is a lot of commentary around that says to get results faster you need a marketing budget. You will then be able to drive paid traffic through Facebook, Google Ads, Bing or YouTube (and many more). Well, that maybe the case but in my experience over the years it is not the only way. To share in the content that I am publishing daily, blogging has proved to be an effective way to get people to my home business websites.

If you have time but no money then to be driving traffic to your websites you will need to look into blogging as an effective method you can employ. It is not the only way, but it should sit at the core of what you do daily to drive quality traffic to your business and websites.

At some time in the future you will be checking your blog's analytics and begin to wonder when all the visitors (traffic) are going to arrive. You may be publishing the best content available in your niche market and your traffic numbers are still low, so something needs to change and quickly.

Driving Traffic - Increase The Traffic By Blogging Daily

If you do not have a marketing budget quite frankly one blog a week or a month will not be enough. You will have to give it time and be consistent with your daily blogging, yes I did just say that, blog daily and syndicate daily.

Blogging daily is one thing you can do to increase the traffic to your website. However, just leaving it sitting on your blog without spreading the word that you have published new content is not enough. That would be like newspaper companies writing up the news each day and never publishing the content by distributing it through a newspaper out to their audience. Would they have a business for long if their audience wanders into a local store to pick up a newspaper and there aren't any newspapers for sale? I don't think so, but maybe that's the way it's going anyway these days with the news being published online.

Likewise, to be driving traffic to your website your blog content must be syndicated and shared around the internet. You will have to couple that with working on your on page optimization. In essence that means you will need to create the blog content, optimize the content on your blog through learning about blog structure and the use of keywords and then syndicate the content.

In doing this you are in effect learning about search engine optimization and done effectively you can increase the traffic to your websites. Great Mark, tell me more.

Driving Traffic - Other Steps You Can Take To Increase The Traffic To Your Blog

Increasing traffic to your blog or website is very important but there are a number of steps that you can take to significantly increase the traffic arriving at your blog and they include:

  1. Ensure that it is the right traffic or you will not get the increase in sales that you desire. Ensure that you are creating valuable content focused on impacting your audience and helping them solve their problems
  2. Provide quality content that your visitors are interested in and by providing answers to questions that those in your niche market are seeking.
  3. Improve your blog by reading other blogs and checking out forums or using online tools such as Google Trends or BuzzSumo to ensure that you are providing the information that your visitors are looking for.
  4. Sharing you! - tell your story. Who are you? Why are you here? How did you end up at the point where you started a home business? How did you deal with the life challenges that you have had in the past? What success have you had running a home business or how are you improving your skills by working with mentors who are already successful in their chosen field?
  5. The call to action - When driving traffic, it is important that you know what you want your traffic to do when it arrives at your blog. You have to set your blog up to make that happen. The call to action will help you increase your conversions and build a list of subscribers who are interested in what your have to offer.
  6. Write engaging headlines as this is the first thing your visitor will see before deciding to read your blog. Find elements and information that makes your content stand out and more interesting and engaging than the competition.
  7. Update your blog content on a regular basis to ensure that it stays up-to-date as there is nothing worse than reading content that appears dated and visitors will soon disappear.
  8. Which blogs to update can be assessed using Analytics and Webmaster tools that will give you the bigger picture and traffic levels.
  9. Use lots of visual content as you will gain more shares, likes and traffic.
  10. Mention influencers and mentors who provide additional insight and credibility to your post as they already have a following and make sure you let them know that you have mentioned them as this will provide further social proof and greater free traffic to your blog.
  11. You can even invite influential bloggers to write a blog for you if they are perceived as an expert on the topic you are promoting.
  12. And don't forget social media as this can bring you masses of free traffic.
Driving Traffic - Closing Remarks

Mark Ford is a prolific blogger who has published thousands of blog posts on various topics and websites around the internet. Mark Ford offers to share his experience and knowedge through his brand, Your Blog Content. A website (in development as at the date of this post) devoted to sharing information about driving traffic through blogging and also offering a range of workshops and educational products in a digital format for the home business blogger.

What Can Mark Ford Offer You Today For Free?

If you feel slightly overwhelmed at the idea of creating a blog post and driving traffic, the blogging tips above should help. If you would like to learn more about blogging then you can view the series of blog posts on blogging that I have published at this link…

I wish you every success in running your home business blog and if you would like to obtain a free copy of my your blog content ebook, containing many blogging tips and information on blogging, click the banner below.



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